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St Georges Open Day 3 Preview

The qualifying for the St Georges Open continues today as more top names try to earn their place on finals day, including the holder Matt Gilmore. Sir John Bayley have five hopefuls in Ant Bracken, Robin Clarke, Michael Cooper, Josh Hale and Spencer Clarke, Spencer having excellent green knowledge having played there for a number of years. Simon Rhodes is another former homester there, and Wayne Phillips of Hanwood and Paul Williams and Martin Codd from Castlefields have plenty of experience of the green. Graham Dulson of Wem USC, Jon Lyttle from Meole Brace, Wrockwardine Wood’s John Clarke, Phil Lyttle of Hanwood and Mark Selley from Newport are our other players there. Other players include former All England winner Darren Plenderleith, along with other big competition winners Paul Bailey, Kez Smith, Steve Pratt, James Grimston, Dave Jackson, Gareth Herbert, Gareth Coates, Simon Coupe, Paul Hemming and Tom Palmer.

Full results will be here.

Entrants playing Saturday 16th March

Ashley Downing 
John Clarke
Jane Bowler
Tracy Baker
Paul Dale
Duncan Reeves
Paul Bailey
Sam Patterson
Spencer Clarke
Kez Smith
Gary Owen
John Lyttle
Graham Dulson
Nigel Ferrington
Mark Clayton
Jamie Wyre
Mickey Haige
Dean Butler
Michael Cooper
Callum Mitchell
Simon Rhodes
Tom Palmer
Patrick Murphy
Matt Gilmore
John Newey
Steve Pratt
James Grimston
Paul Leah
James Blair
Dave Bowen
Dave Jackson
Ben Dixon
Gareth Herbert
Lee Dale
Craig Gant
Steve Dace
Owen Jackson
James Higgins
Ant Bracken
Martin Codd
Brad Chico Bayliss
Darren Plenderleith
Wayne Phillips
Dean Missere
Josh Hale
Robin Clarke
Sarah Edmondson
Paul Tonks
Terry Brook
Scot Parry
Mark Selley
Simon Memmott
Phil Lyttle
Ross Dunkley
Mark Sutton
Simon Homer
Paul Williams
Simon Coupe
Paul Hemming
Gareth Coates
Kevin Handley
Mark Hall
Anthony Thompson

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