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St Georges Open Day 4 Preview

The last day of Qualifying takes place at St Georges today with 8 places left on finals day. Former homesters Tom Langford from Newport and Mark Taylor of Castlefields will hope to be on the top green which they know, with Mark’s team mate Rich Goddard hoping for add to qualifying to the Coors Meole Brace Open. Hanwood players Darren Wellings, Craig Wilson, Ben Talbot and Mark Shore of Hanwood take part, as well as Meole Brace’s Scott Moseley and Reece Farr, who has moved from Bowring to Highley, along with his team mate Darrell Handley. Wrockwardine Wood’s Mark Picknell has plenty of experience in these competitions, as well as Bylet’s Jason Groom. There are many more big names there including current All England winner Chris Mordue. But there is also Tommy Johnstone, Chris Brown, Steve Morrey, Danny Ferris, Ben Percival, Glyn Storer, Andy Thornton, Ryan Prosser, Terry Glover, Tom Vickers, Danny Sillitoe and Carl Armitage, who have all won big money competitions. Graeme Wilson is one of the biggest names in the game, and will be one many will watch in action, along with several other players looking to make their mark.

Full results from yesterday are here.

Entrants playing Sunday 17th March

Craig Podmore
Chris Mordue
Matt Higgins
Craig Wilson
Tom Boyd Jnr
Mark Picknell
Neil Wright
Tommy Johnstone
Steve Morrey
Paul Chambers
Danny Nixon
Gareth Hughes
Neil Simpson
Alex Heaps
Mark Shore
Alan Catterall
Jordan Baddeley
Tom Langford
Adam Weaver
Nigel Egan
Tony Stevens
Danny Ferris
Rich Goddard
A Gallagher
Darren Wellings
Ian Roles
Ben Percival
Glyn Storer
Reece Farr
James Martin
Jon Price
Neil Kershaw
Chris Brown
Tony Gill
Andy Thornton
Larry Wells
Ben Talbot
Josh Mordue
Tom Vickers
Craig Richardson
Matt Horton
Mark Taylor
Chris Cooper
A W Riley
Jason Groom
Andy Ferris
Tyler Dewis
Darryl Handley
Ryan Prosser
Carl Armitage
Chris Baker
Chris Gill
Phil Cookson
Dave Semper
Danny Sillitoe
Graeme Wilson
Aaron Steele
Scott Moseley
John Black
Tim Jones
Terry Glover
Ashley Tattersley
Rob Carter
Jay Dermott

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