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Beefy wins 25 Years Anniversary Competition

Keith “Beefy” Wall won the 25 Years Anniversary Competition today after beating his Castlefields team mate Callum Wraight in the final. The 1998 League Averages Winner made the most of a reprieve in his Semi Final after being 20-15 down against Colin Beaman, and throwing the mat in! He managed to run out with some inspired bowls, and then traded bowls with Callum as he was 5 across and then 10 across. A break of 4 on a long 3/4 quarter mark helped him lead 16-11, before Callum battled back to 16-14 down, but played a no mark. Keith then went 19-14 up before he let Callum back to 19-17, unlucky not to play Callum’s bowl out for game. He played a super second wood next end on a 21m straight mark, before Keith led a good bowl next end and after Callum fired and missed he was the 25 Years Anniversary Competition Winner!

In the Semi Finals and Keith had staged that remarkable comeback after Colin had gone from 14-10 down to lead 20-15 in the corners, while Callum recovered from a slow start to go 16-8 up from only 9-8 ahead, and hold on to win 14 against Dan Taylor. In the Quarter Finals and Keith had defeated Martin Lloyd as he had a break of 6 from 12-11 up to then win 13, while Colin beat team mate Ash Wellings 13 after he led 9-3 and then 19-9, despite Ash having got back to 11-9 down. Callum played James Grimston and despite being 8-4 down early doors he went from 10-7 down to lead 17-11, and held on to win 16. Dan got past Mark Thomas after holding off a fight back when 15-8 up as Mark got past to 17-16 down, but Dan held his nerve.

Full scores are here.

Callum won the Seaton Sports Highest Break prize with a 15 break in his first round match against Rob Roden. We would like to thank Seaton Sports for their donation towards today.

The league would like to thank Donnington Wood for their hospitality today, as well as the caterers they used to provide such a great buffet. We would like to thank our three referees Mike Caddick, Will Hare and Bob Mumford for their work today, and to Mike Potter for his expertise on the camera, the pictures will be posted on here over the next few weeks. We would also like to thank those who came in at such short notice, and to Mike Hinton for his kind donation towards the prize money today.

There will be a fuller report to come over the next few weeks, as well as pictures and reports from the presentation of the Hall of Famers and Life Members.

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