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Clubs Preview

Below is a preview of each club ahead of the 2019 season.

Team: Burway

Captain: Jesse James & Ben Allen

2018 Position: 10th

2018 Points: 168

2018 Review

2019 Aims:

Burway had their worse season last year as they finished in 10th place, although, only 11 points behind a top 6 place. They struggled at home for the first time since they entered the league, losing 2 games and drawing another, and they didn’t win a game away either. They need to improve on both of these to be able to move up the table and chase a top half finish. They are hoping to blood some of their youngsters more, and also have Pete Griffiths back, who won a game in the competition yesterday showing he is on the way back. They have drawn Highley in the Barlows Fire & Security Alan Mayhew Trophy, a team they lost to recently in the Harris Cup, although that was on the handicap.


Team: Bylet

Captain: Scott Harries

2018 Position: 8th

2018 Points: 171

2018 Review

2019 Aims:

Bylet enjoyed their best ever finish and points total last season as Scott Harries helped them to their best ever season, including reaching the Harris Cup Final. They will want to make their mark on the Premier League cups, and have Wem USC first game in the Barlows Fire & Security Alan Mayhew Trophy. They have added Nick Lewis to their ranks which they hope will be able to build on last season and challenge the top half. They are currently on a record run of 10 straight home wins, so will be determined to add to that and go unbeaten at home for the first time ever, as well as trying to sneak an away win somewhere.


Team: Castlefields

Captain: Alan Peach

2018 Position: 1st

2018 Points: 243

2018 Review

2019 Aims:

Castlefields had an incredible second half of the season, winning all 13 matches. All eyes will be on them trying to keep that run up, and firstly either match the record of 14 and then try and beat it. A tough start awaits though, two Shrewsbury derbies away at Meole Brace and Hanwood, then a home tie against nearest challengers Newport. They will hope for a quicker start this time round, and not be over 20 points behind at the half way stage like last season. They haven’t changed their squad much at all, but after winning the league comfortably last season, they should still have enough to be at the top end of the title. They have a tough opener in the Barlows Fire & Security Alan Mayhew Trophy against Sir John Bayley.


Team: Chester Road

Captain: Paul Fowles

2018 Position: 11th

2018 Points: 167

2018 Review

2019 Aims:

Chester Road had another disappointing season as they finished in 11th place, but just 12 points off a top half finish. They have added a couple of players but the big news for them is that Andy Moss is back full time for them after only playing 9 games last season. He will be a big boost as they look to rediscover that top half form of 2016. Their home form was poor last season, they only scored double figures there in three of their games, as well as lose five games. Their away form kept them away from trouble, winning three games away from home, so they would love to keep that up. They have a tough game in the Barlows Fire & Security Alan Mayhew Trophy, taking on Hanwood.


Team: Hanmer

Captain: Dave Ellison

2018 Position: 14th

2018 Points: 132

2018 Review

2019 Aims:

Hanmer had a season to forget last year, only winning 7 games to finish bottom and then lose the play-off final to Highley. They earned a reprieve though, and will look to make the most of that. They have to bridge a 31 point gap first of all, and need to improve their home form to achieve this. Their away form wasn’t too bad, but didn’t bring the win and draw from 2017. They have signed two Junior Individual Merit winners in Matty Worden and the returning Andy Armstrong, and will hope those two can inspire them to be out of trouble at the bottom. They have Ifton in the first round of the Barlows Fire & Security Alan Mayhew Trophy.


Team: Hanwood

Captain: Mark Shore, Ash & Glyn Wellings

2018 Position: 5th

2018 Points: 205

2018 Review

2019 Aims:

Hanwood didn’t quite make the top four last season, as their away form meant they didn’t quite make it. They only won one away all season, at neighbours Meole Brace, as well as a draw. This will need to be improved if they are to challenge the top teams. The addition of Rich Lawson is a big signing for them, and Simon Lane is a good signing too. Their home form was again fantastic, and they will look to keep this up once again for an unbeaten home season. In the Barlows Fire & Security Alan Mayhew Trophy they have Chester Road.


Team: Highley

Captain: Ben Dixon & Stu Gittings

2019 Aims:

Highley are the new boys in the league after their play-off win last season, and will be unknowns for a few teams this season. They have plenty of experience in their line-up from playing in the Staffordshire top flight and county bowls, but not many of their players will know the away greens. Their home form even in the Mid Shropshire wasn’t the best, and they will have to improve on that if they are to finish away from the bottom. In the Mid Shropshire they have Burway in a battle of the South Shropshire teams.


Team: Ifton

Captain: Dickie Jones

2018 Position: 12th

2018 Points: 163

2018 Review

2019 Aims:

Ifton have had a couple of disappointing seasons after their great 2015 season, struggling at the bottom last season. Dickie did blood some youngsters though, and they will be better for the year experience. They have signed Graham Rogers again as well as Ian Dutton, so will hope they can give more competition for the squad. Again a lot does depend on the availability of players, and their home form must improve after 4 losses there last season. They did win one away game, but this team should be capable of much more and will be looking for a top half finish. They have got Hanmer in the Barlows Fire & Security Alan Mayhew Trophy, a green they know well!


Team: Meole Brace

Captain: Andy Wigginton

2018 Position: 13th

2018 Points: 163

2018 Review

2019 Aims:

Meole Brace had an up and down season last year. They had some great results, including three away wins, but did also lose five games at home. Firstly they will want to get a win under their belts, they didn’t win their last 8 games, with their last win in July. They will want some consistency to their results, winning their home games and still picking up some away wins. They have added more players, which will provide more competition but maybe more of a headache for their captain. They have drawn Wrockwardine Wood in the Barlows Fire & Security Alan Mayhew Trophy.


Team: Newport

Captain: Sam Millward

2018 Position: 2nd

2018 Points: 230

2018 Review

2019 Aims:

Newport had a great first half to the 2018 season, but couldn’t keep that up as Castlefields caught up and overtook them. But they have made the most signings of the close season, Dave Lloyd, Josh Bradburn, Stuart Clee, Ayden Smith, Matthew Rhodes and Callum Mitchell have all been added, adding youth to their side. How well they gel and get to grips with the green will decide how well they can start, but they will hope to take advantage of two home games and then a trip to Castlefields to test how good they really are. They had great home form and will need to win a couple more away if they are to catch the Fields and win their first title since 2015. They play an unknown quantity in Telepost in the Barlows Fire & Security Alan Mayhew Trophy.


Team: Sir John Bayley

Captain: Chris Worthington

2018 Position: 3rd

2018 Points: 224

2018 Review

2019 Aims:

Sir John Bayley couldn’t quite challenge last season for the title and may struggle this season to given the loss of Ant Bracken and Elliot McGuinness. But Josh Hale is available for a full season, and the addition of youth in Harry Church and Ash Gregory will give them more enthusiasm. They lost just the one game at home last season, to Castlefields, so will want to put that wrong right and eradicate their poor away results that came last season, like the 3 at Meole Brace and  Castlefields. They have a tough opener in the Barlows Fire & Security Alan Mayhew Trophy against Castlefields.


Team: St Georges

Captain: Tony Rhodes, Andy Morgan, John Cooke, Dave King

2018 Position: 4th

2018 Points: 210

2018 Review

2019 Aims:

St Georges snatched 4th place last season after a great end to the season. They have made signings in Rob Roden, Martin Gaut and Aaron King as they aim to challenge the top three, with Mike Wainwright also back after a year out. But the loss of Nick Wyer and an important player in Ian Gaut won’t help as they look to improve their home form, they lost one game and drew another. If they replicate their away form, they had 5 wins last season, and improve that home form, they could well challenge the top three teams. They have a bye in the Barlows Fire & Security Alan Mayhew Trophy.


Team: Wem USC

Captain: Scott Thomas

2018 Position: 7th

2018 Points: 179

2018 Review

2019 Aims:

Wem USC had an incredible season last year as they moved up 7 places from their terrible 2017 season. To try and do that again will be impossible, but they will just want the same season again and to finish top half. They have Fred Bailey and George Williams back full time, which will be like two new signings, as well as Ian Metcalf having signed recently. Their away form was fantastic as they won three and drew one, but they did lose 5 games at home, which will need to be improved on if they are going to keep that top half finish. In the Barlows Fire & Security Alan Mayhew Trophy they have Bylet, which promises to be a close clash.


Team: Wrockwardine Wood

Captain: Rob Jones

2018 Position: 6th

2018 Points: 201

2018 Review

2019 Aims:

Wrockwardine Wood had a great season last year to finish top 6 for the first time for a number of years. They have lost their captain in Stuart Clee though, but have gained Jamie King. They enjoyed a great start to the season which got them into the top half, and will look for a similar positive start. They only lost once at home, and that was by one chalk, as well as winning three games away and drawing one too. So if they can keep that up, and add a few more big home wins, they can well be top 6 again. They have Meole Brace in the Barlows Fire & Security Alan Mayhew Trophy.

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