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Barlows Fire & Security Alan Mayhew Trophy Final Team Profile: Castlefields

A History

Castlefields are the most successful team in the Shropshire Premier Bowling League, having won the league a record 10 times. They didn’t enter the first season, but once they did they won the league four times in a row, as well as the Alan Mayhew Trophy twice and Pool A. They won the treble in 2000, but didn’t win again till 2005 when winning the Pool A and then the Alan Mayhew in 2006. They then returned to their best in 2008, winning the treble, and winning the league for the next two seasons. They kept the success going when winning the Pool A in 2011 and then Alan Mayhew in 2013, but their league form dipped, finishing 6th in 2013. In 2016 they somehow lost against Meole Brace in the Alan Mayhew final, and lost the league by 5 points. They won the league in 2017 though, and then again in 2018, after winning every game in the second half of the season to haul in early leaders Newport. They also won the Alan Mayhew and Pool A, meaning a record 20 games unbeaten in all competitions. A disappointing 2019 has followed, losing their first game at Meole Brace, and barring a miracle, losing the league to Sir John Bayley after not really getting going all season. However they can make up for it with success tonight, and also in the Pool A coming up.

How they got here

Castlefields had the toughest route of any team that has reached this final, playing all but one of the teams in the top five, and they have them in the final!

Round 1 (beat Sir John Bayley by 47)

They played league leaders Sir John Bayley first game, but beat an under strength team comfortably. They won by 60 at home with 6 winners, the best of them being Rich Goddard 3. Away they lost by 13, despite Andy Judson winning 4.

Played at S J Bayley Bottom  
Sir J Bayley Score Score Castlefields
Kane Beaman 21 16 Mark Taylor
Gary Owen 21 14 Andy Duckett
Ben Hudson 21 13 Kevin Price
Aidy Ashley 21 7 Paul Williams
Anthony Roche 17 21 Keith Walton
James Blair 4 21 Andrew Judson
Games 4 2
Aggregate 105 92
Played at Castefields No 1  
Castlefields Score Score Sir J Bayley
Keith Wall 21 7 Chris Worthington
Adrian Rowe 21 15 Norman Harvey
Martin Codd 21 19 Harry Church
Michael Beer 21 13 Michael Cooper
Rich Goddard 21 3 Craig Baugh
Alan Peach 21 9 Daniel Wilson
Games 6 0
Aggregate 126 66
Combined Totals
Castlefields Sir J Bayley
Games 8 4
Aggregate 218 171

Quarter Finals (beat Newport by 4)

They edged past 3rd placed Newport by 4 chalks, Adam Jones holding his nerve last on at Newport to beat Pete Farmer. Keith Walton won 13 there to be the other winner and hold Newport to a 30 chalk win. At home, they had 4 winners, with Callum Wraight the best of them 6 in a 34 shot win.

Played at Newport No 1  
Newport Score Score Castlefields
Philip Emery 14 21 Keith Walton
Josh Bradburn 21 5 Martin Codd
Ian Whittington 21 16 Adrian Rowe
Peter Cookson 21 15 Rich Goddard
Peter Farmer 20 21 Adam Jones
Dale Rudrum 21 10 Andrew Judson
Games 4 2
Aggregate 118 88
Played at Castefields No 1  
Castlefields Score Score Newport
Graham Wall 13 21 Dave Rhodes
Paul Williams 21 7 David Lloyd
Michael Beer 21 9 Stuart Clee
Luke Jones 21 14 Sam Millward
Callum Wraight 21 6 Matthew Rhodes
Kevin Price 15 21 Russell Millward
Games 4 2
Aggregate 112 78
Combined Totals
Castlefields Newport
Games 6 6
Aggregate 200 196

Semi Finals (beat Hanwood on best away winner rule)

They had their closest shave against 5th placed Hanwood as both teams won by 14 at home, but Castlefields went through because of the best away winner, Kevin Walker 21-11. Their best winner at home was Paul Williams 14, but it was Callum Wraight striking Rich Lawson off when game down that helped get those vital points, as well as Adam Jones holding his nerve again last on to get a vital last point to get to 18 and seal the success.

Played at Hanwood  
Hanwood Score Score Castlefields
Ashley Wellings 21 17 Michael Beer
Darren Wellings 21 11 Keith Walton
Dave Payne 11 21 Kevin Walker
Colin Beaman 16 21 Rich Goddard
Glyn Wellings 21 9 Adrian Rowe
Wayne Phillips 21 18 Adam Jones
Games 4 2
Aggregate 111 97
Played at Castefields No 1  
Castlefields Score Score Hanwood
Glyn Herbert 21 15 Phil Lyttle
Paul Williams 21 14 Craig Wilson
Keith Wall 18 21 Rob Carter
Callum Wraight 21 20 Richard Lawson
Martin Codd 18 21 Mark Shore
Mark Taylor 21 15 Simon Lane
Games 4 2
Aggregate 120 106
Combined Totals
Castlefields Hanwood
Games 6 6
Aggregate 217 217

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