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Adderley win pre-playoff!

Adderley won the pre-playoff last night to earn a crack at Salop Leisure Premier Bowling League side Chester Road tonight. They roared out of the blocks as Tom Hardy won 7 in the corners and Ian Howell won 8 to go 27 up. Hayden Lewis was the only card up for Telepost in the front, but only won 14 from 19-9 up as Dave Bamford rallied. Gary Whitehall and Gary Neal had the game of the night which Whitehall led throughout at 11-4 and 20-14, before Neal staged a comeback to get back to 19. So after four Adderley led by 22.

Into the middle and apart from James Mammone who went 9-1 and 19-8 up on Alan Boulton the other three cards were close. Alan got back to 14 to help Adderley’s cause, Nigel Parsonage winning 17 after a close game with Lee Barker. Sam O’Nions had a good end to his game to win 17, while Dan Williams seemed to be on for an age and was unable to get away from Jack Hazeldine till the end to win 16. This meant Telepost only now trailed by 10.

The first three games were close to coming off after Dan had done so. Danny Wornell was down early doors before he got down an edge to go 16-12 up. Dan Hazeldine got back in and got back to 18, while Simon Lewis was a few up at one time against Alex Lockett over the middle before Alex played very well to get back in and won 20. Shaun Bould had a close game with Tony Sherratt which Shaun edged 20. This meant that Adderley led by 7, and Darren Palin was 9-8 up on Sam Cartwright, and needed to score 15 to win the game. Sam went over the middle and was playing better and better and had two bowls within a foot at 14-9 up. Darren struck, hit both bowls, and somehow counted one to make it 10-14 instead of 16-9. Sam did get back in and was 16-12 up laying two before Darren rested the inside of his bowl to mean that Sam had to run out to win. But Darren got one, and then another single, and the job was done despite Sam winning 19.

Well done to Adderley on their win, and commiserations to Telepost who I am sure will come back stronger next season.

Thank you to Sir John Bayley and to Tony Weaver for refereeing.


No Adderley Agg Score Score Agg Telepost
1 Gary Whitehall 21 21 19 19 Gary Neal
2 Ian Howell 42 21 8 27 Richard Addison
3 Dave Bamford 56 14 21 48 Hayden Lewis
4 Tom Hardy 77 21 7 55 John Addison
5 Nigel Parsonage 98 21 17 72 Lee Barker
6 Alex Hassall 115 17 21 93 Sam Onions
7 Alan Boulton 129 14 21 114 James Mammone
8 Jack Hazeldine 145 16 21 135 Dan Williams
9 Dan Hazeldine 163 18 21 156 Danny Wornell
10 Tony Sherratt 183 20 21 177 Shaun Bould
11 Alex Lockett 204 21 20 197 Simon Lewis
12 Darren Palin 223 19 21 218 Sam Cartwright
Games 5 7 Games
Aggregate 223 218 Aggregate

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