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Chester Road retain Premier League status!

Chester Road retained their Premier League status after being giving a scare by Adderley on a very wet Prees new green. They only won by 9 in the end, and trailed after the first four before their experience got them through the game.

In the first four and Adderley had the better of the early stages. Ian Howell was holding Martin Lloyd before he found a 30m mark and won 14 on it to give Adderley a great start, and earn him man of the match. Tom Hardy was a few up on Ian McDonald before Ian got back into the game and won 18. Paul Latham went 4/5 up down the edge before Dave Bamford got to 16. The other game saw Alex Hassall and Mark Holland have a close game throughout which Alex won 18. This meant Adderley led by 2.

The middle four saw Gary Whitehall and Gary Beff have a reasonably close game before Gary got on a mark late on to win 14. Paul Griffiths raced 11-2 up before Jack Hazeldine battled back to 13-8 down. But Paul then got the block back and won 11, which gave Chester Road a good lead. Alan Boulton though was doing well in the corners versus Paul Williams, and won 13 to bring Adderley back into it. Nigel Parsonage and Andy Smith had a close game throughout which was on the green for a long time, which Nigel won 18 to mean Adderley were just 4 behind.

The back four saw Andy Moss race 11-0 up on a long mark before Alex Lockett started to get back into the game at 13-8 down. But Andy maintained that lead to win 16. Dan Hazeldine injured himself early on but despite this had a very good game with Steve Rogers. He went up to the crown and back early on before Steve tried going long and then short. Steve was 4/5 up at the end and despite Dan trying to get back into the game Steve held on to win 16 and mean Chester Road led by 14. It wasn’t all over though, as Tony Sherratt was 16-11 up against Andrew Davies, and Darren Palin 9-8 up on Chris Nicholson. Andrew Davies got back to 16 across, and with Chris holding his own with Darren, it meant that once Andrew got to 18 it meant the match was over. Tony won 18, and Darren 19, to mean that Chester Road won by 9 overall.

102 people voted for Chester Road to win, over 23 for Adderley. But I think that most didn’t expect it to be so close, and that’s credit to Adderley for producing two great performances over the two nights.

Well done to Chester Road for retaining their Premier League status.

Thank you to Prees Bowling Club for hosting, and to Kevin Moult for producing a great surface. Also thanks to Bob Mumford, Tony Weaver and Mike Caddick for refereeing and measuring.

Thank you to Mike Beckett for doing the live score tonight, and to Matt Beeston for doing some live filming on Facebook.

Pictures will be posted on here tomorrow from both games.

No Adderley Agg Score Score Agg Chester Road
1 Ian Howell 21 21 14 14 Martin Lloyd
2 Tom Hardy 39 18 21 35 Ian Mcdonald
3 Dave Bamford 55 16 21 56 Paul Latham
4 Alex Hassall 76 21 18 74 Mark Holland
5 Gary Whitehall 90 14 21 95 Gary Beff
6 Jack Hazeldine 101 11 21 116 Paul Griffiths
7 Alan Boulton 122 21 13 129 Paul Williams
8 Nigel Parsonage 143 21 18 147 Andy Smith
9 Alex Lockett 159 16 21 168 Andy Moss
10 Dan Hazeldine 175 16 21 189 Steve Rogers
11 Tony Sherratt 196 21 18 207 Andrew Davies
12 Darren Palin 217 21 19 226 Chris Nicholson
Games 6 6 Games
Aggregate 217 226 Aggregate


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