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On This Day: 28th April 2006

It was a bit of a crazy day on this date in 2006 as perhaps for the only time in the league’s history there were 2 two 21-0 wins on the same night. Callum Wraight was starting to show his potential as he won 0 at home in a 12-2 win for Castlefields over Archibald Worthington, while there was a rare 21-0 away win (possibly the first one in the league) for Kevin Keary at Donnington Wood. It was even more remarkable as it came after a 21-1 win for Mick Jones at the same place, Mick thinking he had the coppers sewn up, while they still only won by 25 with 5 winners even with those two big wins! Meole Brace won 9-5 and by 51 on Ford, with Sir John Bayley also recording a great 10-4 win at Wrockwardine Wood. The closest game of the night was at Childs Ercall where they won by just one chalk against Wem USC, the game finishing 7-7. In contrast there were two 13-1 home wins for Chester Road and Ifton over White Horse and Newport respectively.

Click on the date below for the remarkable match cards.

Fri 28th Apr
Won Agg Pts Home Team Premier Away Team Pts Agg Won H A CH PP
11 250 13 Chester Road V White Horse 1 156 1
5 204 7 Childs Ercall V Wem U S C 7 203 7
10 237 12 Castlefields V Archibald Wton 2 172 2
5 186 5 Ford V Meole Brace 9 237 7
4 206 4 Wrock Wood V Sir J Bayley 10 216 8
11 248 13 Ifton V Newport 1 180 1
7 176 7 Donnington Wood V St Georges 7 201 5

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