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On this Day: 21st July 2019

Liam Stevens won the 2019 Seaton Sports Merit with an accomplished display of 19m bowling all evening. He beat Lewis Scott 18 in a tense final. It was nip and tuck throughout, with Liam unable to lead to the crown but then winning the end on the downhill as 6 ends went by without anyone holding the block. He changed it up slightly and managed to hold the block for a couple of ends but still trailed 15-13. He then made the decisive run when having a break of 7 to and from another corner. He led one 6 inches for game, but Lewis played a great runner to make two, and then scored another single in the corner. He then led one two foot away but Liam drew it, and he was just short with his second bowl to mean that Liam win his biggest individual title of his career.

In the Semi Finals and Liam defeated a tired Mike Beer 4 with some excellent bowling on his 19m marks, while Lewis Scott was involved in a thriller with team mate Mike Wainwright. Mike led 6-0 and 17-7 on his mark over the middle that he made his own all day, before Lewis went full corners and aided by four twos on the bounce went 18-17 up. But Mike fought back and got back in but then couldn’t lead as Lewis closed it out 19.

The Quarter Finals saw:

  • Adie Rowe and Lewis Scott involved in a close game, as Adie fought back from 18-14 down to lead 19-18 down the edge before Lewis closed it out.
  • Mike Wainwright was in great form as he led 16-0 on his mark over the middle over Jon Lyttle, before closing it out 5.
  • Kiah Roberts took an early 5-1 lead over Liam Stevens before Liam then got back on a 19m mark and restricted Kiah to not hold the block as he ran out a 10 winner.
  • Jack Hewitt continued his fine form over 19m as he led Mike Beer 11-2. But Mike lengthened the mark and led 13-11 with five twos on the bounce. Jack got back in but couldn’t hold the block and Mike won 15.

The 1st round saw:

  • Adie Rowe recovered from 11-3 down as Rob Jones started well over the middle but then went 20-12 up and closed it out 15.
  • Lewis Scott and Simon Rhodes had a close game as Simon led 6-1 before Lewis led 13-9. It was nip and tuck then until Lewis went 20-17 up and beat Simon’s two foot bowl at 20 across to win the game.
  • Mike Wainwright took out the favourite Pete Farmer with an excellent display over the middle. After trailing 4-1 he then scored five twos over the middle and held off any fightback that Pete could put up to win 10.
  • Jon Lyttle had the early running over Jamie King as he led 12-5, before Jamie hit back to lead 16-13 but then trailed 19-16. He got back to 20 across before a yard lead proved not good enough last end as Jon won 20.
  • Kiah Roberts and Leighton Roberts were involved in a high class game as Leighton went 16-12 up before Kiah got back to 16 across. From 18 across Kiah ran out.
  • Liam Stevens and Darrell Handley had a close first half of their game until 8-7 when Liam got on a 19m mark to lead 16-7 and 20-9. A spirited fightback in the corners got Darrell back to 14 before Liam closed it out.
  • Jack Hewitt played very well against Wayne Rogers on 19m marks to lead 9-2 and 17-11. Wayne tried to get back at him but Jack held him off to win 17.
  • Mike Beer was in awesome form as he beat Rich Lawson 8 in the corners, Rich only holding the block once at the end of the game.

Full scores are here.

Pictures are below.


Winner Liam Stevens with the trophy donor John Coxill.

The two finalists Lewis Scott and Liam Stevens along with trophy donor John Coxill and sponsor Dave Seaton of Seaton Sports.

14 of the 16 finalists taking part in the finals of the 2019 Seaton Sports Merit.

Back from left: Darrell Handley, Wayne Rogers, Jon Lyttle, Leighton Roberts, Kiah Roberts, Wayne Rogers, Mike Beer, Pete Farmer.

Front from left: Jamie King, Liam Stevens, Mike Wainwright, John Coxill (trophy donor), Rob Jones, Simon Rhodes, Adie Rowe.

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