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Castlefields BC Covid-19 Panel Competition

This Sunday at 2 p.m. the finals of the Castlefields BC Covid-19 Panel competition will be played to a winner. Refreshments will be available.
Final 8 draw below, handicaps by players name all games 31up. Bookie available for anyone wanting a bet (bets must be agreed before start of play).
Callum Wraight (SCR) vs Rich Goddard (2)
Kevin Price (8) vs Keith Wall (2)
Russell Pugh (8) vs Mark Taylor (6)
Ade Rowe (5) vs Kevin Walker (8)
Wraight (SCR) 6/4
Goddard (2) 6/1
Price (8) 14/1
Wall (2) 4/1
Pugh (8) 10/1
Taylor (6) 8/1
Rowe (5) 5/1
Walker (8) 6/1
With there not being any competitive bowls played locally due to Covid it’s a chance to come and see some local bowls be good to see a few there

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