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Best of the Playoffs: 2016 Final

The Play off final in 2016 went down to the very last game, with the scores level it was left to Hadley USC captain Adrian Smith and Hanmer’s Alan Faukner to try and claim victory.

A full report with scores and pictures is below.

Hanmer finally made the breakthrough at the seventh time of asking as they beat Hadley USC by 8 tonight to take their place in the 2017 Flowfit Shropshire Premier Bowling League in a cracker of a game at Bicton. It was Hadley though that made the good start, as they led by 16 after four. Nick Wyer had an even start with Lee Peate before going from about 12-10 up to win 12 on a 30m mark. James Duce had suffered a poor start to trail about 8-1 to Joey Williams of Hanmer before James got his length and played well on a round peg to win 16. Graham Bennett always had the upper hand in the corners to lead 9-4 before Phil King got back in and got back to 19 across before Graham won 19. Dave Price and Andrew Armstrong was the best game of the night, with some awesome bowls played by both players both on varying lengths. Dave managed to edge it 19 and gave Hadley a lead of 16.

But Robin Bennett stormed out of the blocks against John Newey for Hanmer to lead 16-1 down the clubhouse edge before John got back in and got back to 11 but it cut Hadley’s lead to 6. Jamie Wyer had led Marcus Hughes early on before Marcus got back into the game and won 18 for Hanmer, and with Graham Rogers and John Price having a close game, with Graham always just a few ahead, it meant the game was level when Graham came off winning 18. A match winning comeback came from Jack Butler though, who from 19-8 down in the corners was fired up to get back to 16 over the middle and earn 8 valuable chalks. This meant Hadley led by 5 going into the back four.

Chris Probert carried on his form from Sunday as he raced 16-4 up on Steve Homer playing 30m. Steve tried to come back but couldn’t get a good run on him and got 9 to give Hanmer a 7 shot lead. At this point Mike Gilpin was 18-10 up on Ray Gregory, playing one mark over the crown very well, but Jim Fletcher was 13-1 up on a 30m round peg for Hadley. Ray produced a fine comeback to win 19 playing a 25 m diagonally over the crow and Dave Ellison got the block back and played some good stuff in the corners but Jim got over the line 15. This left Hadley captain Adrian Smith and Alan Faulkner on the green, and Alan was 12-2 up in the corners, so it looked all over. But Ade ground his way back in, and from 15-6 down got back to 15-12 and had led one on the jack on a mark over the middle. But Alan played up after Ade had failed to make 2 and pushed the jack through and counted. He then got back in the corners and after a double and two singles was on the cusp of winning. He led one two yards away but Ade didn’t get his bowl out and was even shorter. Then Alan played one on the block to give Ade no choice but to fire. He fired but missed and this cued the Hanmer celebrations of relief and joy. They had finally reached the Promised land!

On behalf of the league we would like to congratulate Hanmer on reaching the Flowfit Shropshire Premier Bowling League for the first time, and to also offer commiserations to Hadley USC for dropping out of the league again. We wish you all the best in trying to get back into the league again.

We would like to thank Bicton for the use of their green and facilities tonight. They did an excellent job in hosting the biggest crowd in probably Shropshire Bowls and I am grateful for that. I hope with the entry fee and new programme that it all went well for all the spectators tonight. We raised £211.50 on the gate and £176 on the raffle so this will be divided up between a charity of Bicton’s choice, Bicton and the league. So thanks everyone who contributed and to the two sets of teams for putting on a great spectacle!

2016 Playoff Final

Played on Friday 7th October at Bicton B.C. at 7.00 pm


 Hadley U.S.C            v                Hanmer B.C.

21 Nick Wyer 1 Lee Peate 12
21 Dave Price 2 Andrew Armstrong 18
21 James Duce 3 Joey Williams 15
19 Phil King 4 Graham Bennett 21
11 John Newey 5 Robin Bennett 21
18 Jamie Wyer 6 Marcus Hughes 21
18 John Price 7 Graham Rogers 21
21 Nick Mullinder 8 Jack Butler 16
9 Steve Homer 9 Chris Probert 21
21 Ray Gregory 10 Mike Gilpin 19
21 Jim Fletcher 11 Dave Ellison 15
12 Adrian Smith 12 Alan Faulkner 21
213 221


Winners Hanmer who will take their place in the 2017 Shropshire Premier Bowling League. Back from left: Graham Rogers, Joey Williams, Robin Bennett, Mike Gilpin, Andrew Armstrong, Graham Bennett, Marcus Hughes.

Front from left: Lee Peate, Dave Ellison, Jonathon Scott, , Jack Butler, Chris Probert, Alan Faulkner.


Hadley who lost their place in the league. Back from left: Jim Fletcher, Ray Gregory, Nick Wyer, Nick Mullinder, Dave Price, Steve Homer, Phil King.

Front from left: Adrian Smith, Jamie Wyer, John Newey, John Price, James Duce.

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