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Best of the Playoffs: A history

The Play offs have taken place since 1996 when Mid-Shropshire League Champions Coddon played Sir John Bayley in front of a big crowd at St Georges. Since 2000 we have had a Play off final every season, with only two seasons not featuring a Premier League team after Craven Arms and Childs Ercall pulled out in 2005 and 2012 respectively. There has been 7 Premier League teams that have lost the game and their place in the league, three of these have been in the last four years. 12 out of the 21 games have had a result of less than 20 chalks between the two teams, showing how close these games have proved to be over the years.

If you click on the year (apart from 1996 which I hope to update with scores soon) then there is a report with scores and pictures from that year.

1996 – Sir John Bayley beat Coddon at St Georges

2000 – Ifton beat Ford by 5 at Donnington Wood

2001 – Ford beat Bylet by 44 at Donnington Wood

2002 Childs Ercall beat Bowring by 25 at Meole Brace

2003 – Newport beat Battlefield by 27 at British Sugar

2004Archibald Worthington beat Rhos BC by 13 at Meole Brace

2005 – White Horse beat Bridgwater by 28 at Ford

(No premier team as Craven Arms pulled out)

2006 – Bylet beat White Horse by 9 at Sir John Bayley

2007Newport beat Pontesbury by 10 at Allscott

2008 – Bowring beat Donnington Wood by 30 at St Georges

2009Childs Ercall beat Burway by 12 at Meole Brace

2010Bylet beat Burway by 15 at Meole Brace

2011Bylet beat Hanwood by 26 at St Georges

2012 – Burway beat Hadley USC by 6 at Archibald Worthington

(No premier team as Childs Ercall had pulled out)

2013Archibald Worthington beat Hanwood by 3 at Hadley USC

2014Bylet beat Hanwood by 14 at Sinclair

2015 – Hanwood beat Archibald Worthington by 46 at Allscott

2016 – Hanmer beat Hadley USC by 9 at Bicton

2017Wem USC beat Hadley USC by 24 at Meole Brace

2018 – Highley beat Hanmer by 13 at Old Shrewsbury

2019 – Chester Road beat Adderley by 9 at Prees

Premier Wins: 12

Non-Premier Wins vs. Premier: 7

Other non-premier wins: 2

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