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2017 Mousepoint Design Fantasy Bowls League Launch

Welcome to the launch of the 2017 Mousepoint Design Fantasy Bowls League. This year is the same as last year where you have 70 million to spend but no more than 3 players from any team. One transfer is allowed per week with two wildcards allowed, one for each half of the season, that means you can make unlimited changes for that week.

Again it is all online, follow the link here or click on Fantasy Bowls under Fant/Pred on the tabs above. Click on register if you are a new member or on login and select your username from last year and enter your password. If you have forgotten your password then get in touch with me on 07901 229623 or via Facebook message or email and I can remind you of it.

Again we are thankful for Mousepoint Design for sponsoring the league and it will be again £25 to the winner of the prize, won last year by Wilson Academy managed by Matthew Rhodes.

One big difference this season is that there are no MVPs, so expect scoring to be significantly reduced compared to last season.

Will be looking at last year’s scores and trying to give you tips on how to pick the best team possible so look out for it.

If there are any players on the list that aren’t playing or any that are not on there who are playing then please let me know.

Any questions let me know.

So happy picking and may the best team win!

Scoring System

1 point for a home win.
2 ponts for an away win.
1 point for a single figure home win.
2 points for a single figure away win.
5 points for only winner.
1 point for best home winner.
2 points for best away winner.
-1 point for loss at home.
-2 points for single figure home loss.
-1 point for single figure away loss.
-2 points for worst loser at home.
-1 point for worst loser away.
-5 points for only loser.
25 points for winning to 0 at home.
50 points for winning to 0 away.
-25 points for losing to 0 away.
-50 points for losing to 0 at home.

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