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Four Salop Leisure SPBL Qualifiers from First Weekend of Qualifiers

The Salop Leisure Shropshire Premier Bowling League had four qualifiers out of the 16 in the ECC and CCF Opens this weekend. Sir John Bayley had two qualifiers with Ant Bracken qualifying on the Sunday Morning Session at ECC, beating Chris Eaton 21-19 and Paddy McGuinness 21-16 in his two games. Chris Ward was the sole league qualifier at the CCF Open on the first afternoon, with fellow team mate Gordon Hawkins losing in the qualifier. Chris beat former Hadley USC player Paul Hemming 10 first game, then Lewis Belcher 15 and Ryan Prosser 19 in the qualifier. Gordon had overcome Mark Hall 9 and Lee Kington 15 before reigning All England Champion Matt Gilmore defeated him 15.

On the first morning at the ECC we had two qualifiers, Castlefields’ Mike Beer and Andy Hughes of Ifton. Mike edged out Dan Petcher 20, then another Dan in Dan Bodley 17 before beating former Midland Masters Winner Gary Owen 11 to qualify. Andy beat former White Horse star Dan Davies 17, Bradley Bayliss 3 and squeezed past Elliott McGuinness, who is rumoured to be playing more for Castlefields this season, 20. Tim Cotton of Wrockwardine Wood reached the qualifier after getting past Bill Staite and Tony Riley before Josh Mordue proved to strong for him.

The qualifiers continue next weekend with spaces in both. Please contact Graham Turner on 07940 434528 for the ECC Open and Steve Bennett on 07967 676708 for the CCF Open at West Bromwich Football Supporters Club.

Full results:

ECC Open Competition

Saturday 4th March 2017 Morning Session

1st round

Dan Davies 17-21 Andy Hughes

Bradley Bayliss BYE

Steve Bodley 21-16 Matt Gilmore

Harry Chapman 12-21 Elliott McGuinness

Gary Owen BYE

Steve Dicken BYE

Mike Beer 21-20 Dan Petcher

Dan Bodley W/O

2nd round

Andy Hughes 21-3 Bradley Bayliss

Steve Bodley 13-21 Elliott McGuinness

Gary Owen 21-9 Steve Dicken

Mike Beer 21-17 Dan Bodley


Andy Hughes 21-20 Elliott McGuinness

Gary Owen 11-21 Mike Beer


Saturday 4th March Afternoon Session

1st round

Jamie Dunn BYE

Paul Fellows BYE

Nigel Ferrington 10-21 Chris Brown

Andy Cairns BYE

Dave Harvey W/O

Thomas Boyd BYE

Matt Fellows 15-21 Darren Plenderleith

2nd round

Jamie Dunn W/O

Paul Fellows 13-21 Chris Brown

Andy Cairns 21-3 Dave Harvey

Thomas Boyd 15-21 Darren Plenderleith


Jamie Dunn 12-21 Chris Brown

Andy Cairns 18-21 Darren Plenderleith


Sunday 5th March 2017 Morning Session

1st round

Ryan Prosser BYE

Darrell Handley 21-20 Chris Marshman

Brian Eaton 12-21 Mick McGuinness

Ant Bracken BYE

Chris Eaton BYE

Kevin Handley BYE

Paddy McGuinness BYE

2nd round

Ryan Prosser 21-20 Darrell Handley

Mick McGuinness BYE

Ant Bracken 21-19 Chris Eaton

Kevin Handley 17-21 Paddy McGuinness


Ryan Prosser 21-10 Mick McGuinness

Ant Bracken 21-16 Paddy McGuinness


Sunday 5th March 2017 Afternoon Session

1st round

Josh Mordue BYE

Mark Clayton 16-21 Scott Moseley

Tim Cotton 21-16 Bill Staite

Tony Riley BYE

Matt Farmer BYE

Mark Hall 21-18 Craig Wilson

Sean Lockley 21-16 Josh Cotton

Chris Mordue BYE

2nd round

Josh Mordue 21-7 Scott Moseley

Tim Cotton 21-20 Tony Riley

Matt Farmer 12-21 Mark Hall

Sean Lockley 10-21 Chris Mordue


Josh Mordue 21-5 Tim Cotton

Mark Hall 8-21 Chris Mordue


CCF Open 2017

Results for the 1st weekend



D Clarke (Moseley C.C.) 21 A Downing (Greets Green) 18
C Brown (Woodlands) 19 A Belcher (Haunchwood) 21
B Lee (Maltby) 6 G MacIntosh (Congleton C.C.) 21
C Worthington (E.C.C.) 6 P Bailey (Meersbrook) 21

D Clarke (Moseley C.C.) 4 A Belcher (Haunchwood) 21
G MacIntosh (Congleton C.C.) 14 P Bailey (Meersbrook) 21

A Belcher (Haunchwood) 13 P Bailey (Meersbrook) 21

D Taylor (E.C.C) w/o BYE
D Lee (Haunchwood) w/o BYE
Ant Bracken (Greville Arms) 21 T Boyd Jnr (Woodlands) 12
D Sillitoe (Maltby BC) 21 R Fuller (Bylet) 7

D Taylor (E.C.C) 21 D Lee (Haunchwood) 19
Ant Bracken (Greville Arms) 9 D Sillitoe (Maltby BC) 21

D Taylor (E.C.C) 16 D Sillitoe (Maltby BC) 21


I Roles (Victoria Park) 19 M Clayton (Willenhall Nordley) 21
D Round (Greville Arms) 8 Ryan Prosser (The George) 21
L Belcher (Derby) 21 J Seville (Moseley C.C.) 18
C Ward (Victoria Park) 21 P Hemming (The George) 10

M Clayton (Willenhall Nordley) 20 Ryan Prosser (The George) 21
L Belcher (Derby) 15 C Ward (Victoria Park) 21

Ryan Prosser (The George) 19 C Ward (Victoria Park) 21

L Kington (K.H.P.) 21 E Wallis (Derby) 6
G Hawkins (Victoria Park) 21 M Hall (Willenhall Nordley) 9
N Egan (Victoria Park) 11 M.Gilmore (Richmond) 21
Russ Prosser (The George) 14 G Dunkley (Moseley C.C.) 21

L Kington (K.H.P.) 15 G Hawkins (Victoria Park) 21
M.Gilmore (Richmond) 21 G Dunkley (Moseley C.C.) 18

G Hawkins (Victoria Park) 11 M.Gilmore (Richmond) 21

Paul Bailey drew number 17
Danny Silitoe drew number 5
Chris Ward drew number 18
Matt Gilmore drew number 32



A Steele (Potteries) 21 C Mordue (Pudsey) 15
M Fellows (Florence) 21 J Newey (Woodfield) 19
Gareth Herbert (Maggies) 21 S Clarke (Sir John Bailey) 15
J Clarke (Wrockwardine Wood) 21 S Bowen (Greets Green) 20

A Steele (Potteries) 14 M Fellows (Florence) 21
Gareth Herbert (Maggies) 21 J Clarke (Wrockwardine Wood) 11

M Fellows (Florence) 8 Gareth Herbert (Maggies) 21

J Price (Potteries) 21 T Riley (Brigehouse Sports) 14
P Fellows (K.H.P.) w/o N Newey (Woodfield)
J Mordue (Pudsey) 21 J Pegram (M & B) 13
R Clarke (Sir John Bailey) 19 D Hamblett (The George) 21

J Price (Potteries) 21 P Fellows (K.H.P.) 14
J Mordue (Pudsey) 21 D Hamblett (The George) 9

J Price (Potteries) 10 J Mordue (Pudsey) 21


J Bracken (Greville Arms) 21 A Ferris 11
J Fitzpatrick 14 B Bayliss (Netherseal) 21
A Nuttall (Greville Arms) 21 G Herrington (Eastwood Park) 12
P Beard (Drakes Drum) 7 A Cairns 21

J Bracken (Greville Arms) 10 B Bayliss (Netherseal) 21
A Nuttall (Greville Arms) 13 A Cairns 21

B Bayliss (Netherseal) 10 A Cairns 21

D Petcher (Neatherseal) 21 J Welham (Great Barr) 14
R Fitzpatrick 21 Ash Bracken (Greville Arms) 16
Glen Herbert (Maggies) 21 A Kirby (Maggies) 13
C.Round (Moseley C.C.) 21 D Semper (Willenhall Nordley) 19

D Petcher (Neatherseal) 21 R Fitzpatrick 17
Glen Herbert (Maggies) 21 C.Round (Moseley C.C.) 7

D Petcher (Neatherseal) 21 Glen Herbert (Maggies) 4

Gareth Herbert drew number 9
Josh Mordue drew number 31
Andy Cairns drew number 23
Dan Petcher drew number 30

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