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More success for Salop Leisure SPBL players!

There was more success for Salop Leisure Shropshire Premier Bowling League Players as they took nearly half the qualifying spots in the ECC and CCF Opens last weekend. Callum Wraight of Castlefields led the way by qualifying at the ECC on Saturday Morning, with team mate Andy Judson getting close to joining him, losing 17 to Danny Sillitoe. Callum beat Simon Green 7, James Duce, who is signing for Bylet this season, 17 and then Geoff Boulton in the qualifier 13. Andy had beaten Matt Bates 5 and then edged past Nathan Dawes of Dudley Dell 20, before just dipping out. Pete Farmer of Newport qualified that afternoon, beating Kieron Roberts of Ifton 18, Rich Burdett 20 before easing past Dave Bowen 6 in the qualifier. Duncan Pressley had to beat two Shropshire players on his way to qualifying after defeating last year’s CCF Open champion Kez Smith first round 21-18. He beat Stuart Rutter of Wrockwardine Wood, who won the most MVPs last season, 9 before beating Sonya Lucas of St Georges 17 to qualify. Greg Smith completed the qualifiers at ECC for the league by dispatching Keith Hatzer 6 and John Brown 17.

Over at West Brom and Pete Grimston from St Georges beat Sir John Bayley’s Scott Simpson 14 to qualify. He beat Steve Dicken 13 and Kev Handley 7 to get there while Scott had seen off team mate Gary Cooper 18 and Dave Watters 9. Pete’s team mate Paul Beer also got to the qualifier, after beating Sir John Bayley’s Paul Evans 12, before losing to Phil Lee 12. On the Sunday and Craig Wilson claimed some good scalps beating Stuart Perry 19, Stuart Mort 20 before dispatching former St Georges player Carl Hazlehurst 6 in the qualifier. There were three league players in the qualifiers in the afternoon, with Ifton’s Andy Hughes the only one coming out on top, despite being game down against Jamie King, the new Bowring captain. Andy beat Chris Firth 13 and then Paddy McGuinness 9 before edging Jamie out 19, but Jamie had the consolation of beating one of the top players in the county Graeme Wilson 14 in the 2nd round after overcoming Paul Dale 16 in the 1st. Martin Gaut of Wrockwardine Wood also reached the qualifier but lost to reigning champion Kez Smith 14 after taking out two Hughes’, Mark 15 and Nick 17, in the first two rounds.


ECC Open Competition

Saturday 11th March Morning Session

1st round

Callum Wraight 21-7 Simon Green

John Davies 16-21 James Duce

Liam Dennis 6-21 Geoff Boulton

Aston Brown W/O

Andy Judson 21-5 Matt Bates

Nathan Dawes W/O

Mick Hodgkinson 9-21 Danny Sillitoe

Carl Wilkins W/O

2nd round

Callum Wraight 21-17 James Duce

Geoff Boulton 21-8 Aston Brown

Andy Judson 21-20 Nathan Dawes

Danny Sillitoe 21-2 Carl Wilkins


Callum Wraight 21-13 Geoff Boulton

Andy Judson 17-21 Danny Sillitoe

Saturday 11th March Afternoon Session

1st round

Leighton Roberts 10-21 Dave Smith

Nick Hughes 11-21 Matt Horton

Danny Edkins 14-21 Simon Coupe

Wayne Greenwood 12-21 James Seville

Pete Farmer 21-18 Keiron Roberts

Dave Watters 9-21 Rich Burdett

Gavin Dunkley 12-21 Bob Wyatt

Dave Bowen 21-14 Paul Dennis

2nd round

Dave Smith 21-20 Matt Horton

Simon Coupe 15-21 James Seville

Pete Farmer 21-20 Rich Burdett

Bob Wyatt 17-21 Dave Bowen


Dave Smith 15-21 James Seville

Pete Farmer 21-6 Dave Bowen


Sunday 12th March Morning Session

1st round

Duncan Pressley 21-18 Kez Smith

Stuart Rutter W/O

Darren Evans 11-21 Sonya Lucas

Chris Frith 21-17 Martin Gaut

Mark Myles 5-21 Graeme Wilson

Ryan Mills W/O

Phil Lee 21-14 Pete Grimston

Mark Hughes 21-16 Jamie King

2nd round

Duncan Pressley 21-9 Stuart Rutter

Sonya Lucas 21-18 Chris Frith

Graeme Wilson 21-9 Ryan Mills

Phil Lee 16-21 Mark Hughes


Duncan Pressley 21-17 Sonya Lucas

Graeme Wilson 21-14 Mark Hughes


Sunday 12th March Afternoon Session

1st round

Wayne Ditchfield BYE

Gareth Coates 13-21 Chris Watts

Paul Bissett W/O

Dane Hopwood 21-16 Gordon Hawkins

John Brown 21-19 Chris Ward

John Welham 11-21 Darrell Matkin

Steve Wright 11-21 Keith Hatzer

Greg Smith BYE

2nd round

Wayne Ditchfield 21-16 Chris Watts

John Walsh 11-21 Dane Hopwood

John Brown 21-16 Darrell Matkin

Keith Hatzer 6-21 Greg Smith


Wayne Ditchfield 21-10 Dane Hopwood

John Brown 17-21 Greg Smith


CCF Open 2017
Westbourne Road, West Bromwich. B70 8LD

Results for the 2nd weekend



D.Smith (Pudsey) 9 P.Lee (New Brighton Q.V.) 21
W.Rogers (Burway) 19 S.Coupe (St. Josephs) 21
M.Myles (Richmond) 17 P.Evans (Willenhall Nordley) 21
D.Handley (Windmill) P.Beer (St. Georges) w/o

P.Lee (New Brighton Q.V.) 21 S.Coupe (St. Josephs) 17
P.Evans (Willenhall Nordley) 12 P.Beer (St. Georges) 21

P.Lee (New Brighton Q.V.) 21 P.Beer (St. Georges) 12

D.Watters (Parkfields) 21 M.Kington (Acocks Green) 12
G .Cooper (Penn) 18 S.Simpson (Willenhall Nordley) 21
D.Evans (Burscough R.B.L.) 19 K.Handley (Windmill) 21
S.Dicken (The George) 13 P.Grimston (St. Georges) 21

D.Watters (Parkfields) 9 S.Simpson (Willenhall Nordley) 21
K.Handley (Windmill) 7 P.Grimston (St. Georges) 21

S.Simpson (Willenhall Nordley) 14 P.Grimston (St. Georges) 21


K.Hocknull (Willenhall Nordley) 10 D.Palmer (Windmill) 21
K.Wright (White Hart) 12 J.Williamson (Birches Head Hotel) 21
A.Moss (Chester Road) 21 P.Bound (Meole Brace) 10
C.Fielding (Greville Arms) 10 T.Johnstone (Houldsworth W.M.C.) 21

D.Palmer (Windmill) 13 J.Williamson (Birches Head Hotel) 21
A.Moss (Chester Road) 20 T.Johnstone (Houldsworth W.M.C.) 21

J.Williamson (Birches Head Hotel) 11 T.Johnstone (Houldsworth W.M.C.) 21

K.Williamson (Birches Head Hotel) 11 S.Meddings (Royal Oak) 21
M.Higgins (White Hart) 21 D O’Brien (Castle) 9
D.Plenderleith (Greville Arms) 7 M.Lloyd (Chester Road) 21
L.Wells (Houldsworth W.M.C.) 21 G.Dulson (Prees) 9

S.Meddings (Royal Oak) 21 M.Higgins (White Hart) 16
M.Lloyd (Chester Road) 12 L.Wells (Houldsworth W.M.C.) 21

S.Meddings (Royal Oak) 21 L.Wells (Houldsworth W.M.C.) 17

Phil Lee drew number 13
Pete Grimston drew number 15
Tommy Johnstone drew number 22
Stewart Meddings drew number 29



S.Moseley (Meole Brace) L.Heaton (Croston) w/o
D.Edkins (Attleborough) w/o M.Tunstall (Richmond)
C.Marshman (Woodfiled) 21 A.Tapper (Willenhall Nordley) 20
P.Perry (Attleborough) 12 J.Duce (Penn) 21

L.Heaton (Croston) 15 D.Edkins (Attleborough) 21
C.Marshman (Woodfiled) 21 J.Duce (Penn) 10

D.Edkins (Attleborough) 21 C.Marshman (Woodfiled) 18

A.Parsons (Chadsmoor) 14 K.Neal (Attleborough) 21
S.Fagan (The George) 18 C.Hazelhurst (Penn) 21
S.Perry (Attleborough) 19 C.Wilson (Meole Brace) 21
S.Mort (Kirkham Cons) 21 S.Pratt (Bedworth) 19

K.Neal (Attleborough) 14 C.Hazelhurst (Penn) 21
C.Wilson (Meole Brace) 21 S.Mort (Kirkham Cons) 20

C.Hazelhurst (Penn) 6 C.Wilson (Meole Brace) 21


M.Gaut (Wrockwardine Wood) 21 M.Hughes (Crossgates) 15
L.Dale (Congleton) 15 N.Hughes (Gresford) 21
K.Smith (Crossgates) 21 G.Merry (Delware) 10
M.McGuinness (The George) 21 K.Boon (Congleton Railway) 13

M.Gaut (Wrockwardine Wood) 21 N.Hughes (Gresford) 17
K.Smith (Crossgates) 21 M.McGuinness (The George) 17

M.Gaut (Wrockwardine Wood) 14 K.Smith (Crossgates) 21

J.King (Newport) 21 P.Dale (Congleton) 16
G.Wilson (Elland W.M.C.) 21 N.Dawes (Dudley Dell) 10
C.Firth (Crossgates) 13 A.Hughes (Gresford) 21
R.Burdett Mnr (Coundon) 9 P.McGuinness (The George) 21

J.King (Newport) 21 G.Wilson (Elland W.M.C.) 14
A.Hughes (Gresford) 21 P.McGuinness (The George) 10

J.King (Newport) 19 A.Hughes (Gresford) 21

Danny Edkins drew number 19
Craig Wilson drew number 21
Kez Smith drew number 10
Andy Hughes drew number 20

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