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SJB dip out in 2nd game

Sir John Bayley dipped out in the 2nd round of the World Club Championship by just 5 chalks today. It started off well as they won their first game against Brighouse Sports by 38 chalks on the smaller green, which was saturated and heavy after constant rain over the last couple of days. But Spencer Clarke flew out the traps and led 18-2 all around the green before getting out 9. Paul Evans struggled early doors with the weight but was only ever a few behind before recovering from 15-11 down to lead 18-16 before his opponent Tony Riley rallied and won 20. Aaron Tapper was the last of the first three on and despite a good start leading 10-6 his opponent got him on a run to lead 15-11 before Aaron ran out over the middle. So after 3 they led by 17. But Gary Cooper was 13-0 down in the corners and Chris Ward was struggling at 13-10 down. Gary got in and played some good stuff and got to 9 but Chris enjoyed a fortunate strike and made the most of it only conceding one more in winning 14 and giving the Bayley a 12 lead going into the back three. Paul Reeves and Gordon Hawkins were next on and while Gordon was always comfortable in winning 9 in the corners, Paul had it harder as he was only 10-9 up before winning 13 and meaning when Tom Roden went on it was already won. Tom won 15 in the corners to give the Champions a 38 shot win.

They knew it would be a tougher challenge in the 2nd round as they faced Newdigate of North Midlands, a team made up of county players from both their county and Warwick and Worcester, including Elliott McGuinness, who plays for Castlefields in our league. But the team from Wellington started excellently as Chris Ward was excellent in leading Darren Plenderleith 11-0 and 15-1 on the longer marks, before Darren showed his class to get back to 10. Spencer was in a close game at 6-5 up before Dane played a great runner and then didn’t give Spencer much room to lead 17-6 over the middle. Spence though managed to scramble his way back to 12. Paul Evans had a run of five 2s in leading Jim Robertson 11-3 in the corners but Jim got back at Paul and actually led at 16-15 before Paul got the block back and won 17. Aaron Tapper had a very close game with Josh Hale with Aaron using the shorter marks and Josh the longer ones in the main but Aaron ran out from 20-17 down to give the Bayley a 7 shot lead.

Into the back and three of the four players enjoyed a poor start to their games, Gordon Hawkins was 8-2 down, Tom Roden 8-0 in the corners and Gary Cooper 13-3 to Elliott. Gordon and Tom managed to get back in their games but Gary struggled throughout not helped by some good bowling by Elliott. Paul Reeves was the other game and enjoyed a very good game with Mitchell Harvey which Paul led 12-6 before Mitchell showed his quality to lead 17-16 in the corners. Paul came off winning 18 though and gave the Bayley a lead of 10, but then Tom came off losing 10 after Pete Varney had another run to lead 15-7 in the corners and finished it off. This left Gary on the green 20-11 down and Gordon Hawkins only 14-13 up. Despite Gary leading a good bowl Elliott played it out first bowl and won the game not just for himself but Newdigate to. Gordon enjoyed a good end to his game to win 15 but this meant a 5 shot loss for the Premier League Champions.

On the other green Willenhall Nordley, featuring Scott Simpson of Sir John Bayley and Mark Jones and Mark Picknell from Wrockwardine Wood, won their first game by 34 against Garswood Hall, but came up against last year’s winners Parkfield Labour and found the going tough, losing by 34 with 3 winners.

Bowring, winners of the KGJ Insurance County Cup last season, are the other Shropshire team in action in two weeks time, watch out for a full preview beforehand.

Full scores are here.

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