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President & Chairman still required

The Salop Leisure Shropshire Premier Bowling League still requires a new President and Chairman ahead of the forthcoming season.

The job specification for either job is below:

Chairman’s Duties:-

  1. Chair three meetings a year, following the agenda set out by the secretary and consider the best interests of the league at all times.
  2. Have the casting vote if any vote is level.
  3. Produce a chairman’s report about the last year ready for two weeks before the AGM

President’s Duties:-

  1. Represent the league in a smart and respectful manner.
  2. Be present at all league functions, including competition finals and the Presentation Evening.
  3. Wear the chain when attending all league functions.
  4. To produce a president’s report about the last year ready for two weeks before the AGM.


If you are interested in the role, or know someone who may be, or want to know more, please contact Rob Burroughs on 07901 229623 or Martin Gaut on 07964 294466.

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