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Shropshire Website Design Fantasy Bowls League Launch!

Welcome to the launch of the Shropshire Website Design Fantasy Bowls League with just 4 weeks to go till the start of the season. We would like to thank our new sponsors who will be giving the winners of the league £25 as well as an Acrylic Trophy at the end of the season.

Again it will be ran on the Mike Beckett System, thanks go to him for supplying this which makes my life so much easier! The instructions are below and the player list is here.

Some of the players I know have moved but have put their values in at their old club so you know how much they will be. As well as any new transfers which are yet to be entered, these will be entered correctly when they are put in the registration lists by the club.

If anyone has forgotten their password let me know and I can supply it you.

To Play
To be able to play the Fantasy League you need to register first.
Once Registered just Login and enter you first week’s team from the list of players.
You can now change your team each weak by logging in and select Change Team.

You have 70 million to spend to make a squad.
You can have no more than 3 players from the same club. You are allowed one player name and Captain change each week.
You allowed to use a wild card once each half of the season where you can change any number of players.

Scoring System
1 point for a home win.
2 ponts for an away win.
1 point for a single figure home win.
2 points for a single figure away win.
5 points for only winner.
1 point for best home winner.
2 points for best away winner.
-1 point for loss at home.
-2 points for single figure home loss.
-1 point for single figure away loss.
-2 points for worst loser at home.
-1 point for worst loser away.
-5 points for only loser.
25 points for winning to 0 at home.
50 points for winning to 0 away.
-25 points for loosing to 0 away.
-50 points for loosing to 0 at home.

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