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Barlow Fire & Security Alan Mayhew Trophy Finalist: Castlefields

Castlefields are chasing a record 7th Alan Mayhew Trophy success, and their first since 2014. They have been the form team of the second half, amassing 122 points in 11 games, winning them all, and will be looking to add this trophy and the Pool competitions to make it a successful season. They have two of the best three players in the league, with Mike Beer and Callum Wraight reproducing their form from last season again, and will be big players come Saturday night. They will be heavy favourites come Saturday, but will be wary of 2016, when they also went into the game as favourites, and didn’t produce the goods against the same team they play in this final, losing several big leads. But with the experience of winning last year’s title, and possibly clinching this year’s one this Friday, they will be playing with a lot more confidence.

Road to the final

1st round:

Their Alan Mayhew Trophy started with a clash against their fellow record holders of this competition, St Georges, and they won home and away. They had 6 winners at home, with Callum Wraight the best of them 10, while away they shared the winners and won by 4, Keith Walton the best of the three 14.

Played at Castefields No 1  
Castlefields Score Score St Georges
Luke Jones 21 16 Dave King
Glyn Herbert 21 19 Clay Flattley
Rich Goddard 21 17 John Cooke
Steve Duckett 21 16 Jason Wilson
Callum Wraight 21 10 Ian Gaut
Andy Duckett 21 13 Barry Gilder
Games 6 0
Aggregate 126 91
Played at St Georges Top  
St Georges Score Score Castlefields
Nick Wyer 21 20 Adrian Rowe
Lewis Scott 21 11 Keith Wall
Nigel Evans 21 18 Andrew Judson
Andy Morgan 15 21 Adam Jones
Steve Pessall 14 21 Keith Walton
Tony Rhodes 16 21 Mark Taylor
Games 3 3
Aggregate 108 112
Combined Totals
Castlefields St Georges
Games 9 3
Aggregate 238 199

Quarter Finals

They had a strong showing at home again as they had 5 winners against Wrockwardine Wood, four of them being single figures in a 64 shot success, Keith Wall and Mike Beer the best of them 21-4. Over at Wrockwardine and they shared the games again, winning by 6 shots thanks to Luke Jones winning 10.

Played at Wrockwardine Wood Old  
Wrockwardine Wood Score Score Castlefields
Phil Clee 16 21 Andy Duckett
Andrew Jones 21 17 Keith Walton
Andy Stevens 21 20 Jon Palmer
Stuart Rutter 21 14 Keith Knight
Robert Jones 10 21 Luke Jones
Steve Roberts 19 21 Adrian Rowe
Games 3 3
Aggregate 108 114
Played at Castefields No 1  
Castlefields Score Score Wrockwardine Wood
Keith Wall 21 4 Dan Bodley
Michael Beer 21 4 Steve Bodley
Paul Williams 21 9 Josh Cotton
Callum Wraight 21 12 Stuart Clee
Rich Goddard 21 7 Dale Downes
Adam Jones 16 21 Martin Williams
Games 5 1
Aggregate 121 57
Combined Totals
Castlefields Wrockwardine Wood
Games 8 4
Aggregate 235 165

Semi Finals

They had a much tougher game in the Semi Finals as they played Burway. Again, they had another solid showing at home, 6 winners with Mike Beer the best of them 9, in a 44 chalk win. At Burway, and Callum Wraight’s 9 win was their only success, but it kept the damage down to 30 chalks, meaning a 14 shot win overall.

Played at Burway No. 1  
Burway Score Score Castlefields
Wayne Rogers 21 19 Andrew Judson
Russell Davies 21 8 Rich Goddard
Kev Dovey 21 18 Mark Taylor
Duncan Pressley 9 21 Callum Wraight
Kiah Roberts 21 13 Keith Walton
Len Lewis 21 5 Adrian Rowe
Games 5 1
Aggregate 114 84
Played at Castefields No 1  
Castlefields Score Score Burway
Glyn Herbert 21 20 Mark Rogers
Keith Wall 21 12 Ben Allen
Michael Beer 21 9 Ben James
Paul Williams 21 20 Chris Dovey
Andy Duckett 21 11 Jesse James
Steve Duckett 21 10 Jolyon Partridge
Games 6 0
Aggregate 126 82
Combined Totals
Castlefields Burway
Games 7 5
Aggregate 210 196

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