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Barlows Fire & Security Alan Mayhew Trophy Finalist: Meole Brace

Meole Brace have reached their third successive final, the only team that has done that before is their opponents Castlefields. They won it in 2016 but were hammered last year, so will hope to repeat that 2016 success against the same team they face in this year’s final. Their form this season has been up and down, winning 3 matches away is a great achievement but their home form has struggled at times. They can still produce a great performance when needed and they will rely on their Senior players to produce the goods and lead the way for the younger and more inexperienced players in the team. They are missing three key players unfortunately, but hopefully those who have come in will rise to the occasion.

Road to the final

1st round

1st round they received a walkover against Hadley USC.

Quarter Finals

They played Hanmer in the Quarter Finals and six winners at home was key to their 19 shot success. They won by 31 there with Andy Wigginton, Will Tarrell and Julian Cooke all best winners 15, while away it was just the one winner, with Doug Edwards winning 16, but with the lowest score being just 14, it reduced Hanmer to just a 12 shot win.

Played at Hanmer  
Hanmer Score Score Meole Brace
Graham Faulkner 21 16 Jon Lyttle
Jack Butler 21 14 Bill Tarrell
Lee Peate 16 21 Doug Edwards
Martin Elson 21 19 Dave Redge
Alan Faulkner 21 20 Keiran Jones
Ieuan Pugh 21 19 Martin Middleton
Games 5 1
Aggregate 121 109
Played at Meole Brace No 1  
Meole Brace Score Score Hanmer
Andy Wigginton 21 15 Liam Jones
Tim Jordan 21 17 Richard Pullen
Will Tarrell 21 15 Jack Hewitt
Mark Thomas 21 17 Robin Bennett
Nigel Bound 21 16 Dave Ellison
Julian Cooke 21 15 Mike Gilpin
Games 6 0
Aggregate 126 95
Combined Totals
Meole Brace Hanmer
Games 7 5
Aggregate 235 216

Semi Finals

In the Semi Finals against Sir John Bayley they had another remarkable 6 winners again at home, Andy Wigginton again leading by example as captain winning 9, in a 36 shot win. The away side also played their part too, holding the Bayley to just a one shot win for the home side. They enjoyed three winners there, Bill Tarrell the best of them 12.

Played at S J Bayley Bottom  
Sir J Bayley Score Score Meole Brace
Norman Harvey 12 21 Bill Tarrell
Alex Jones 21 17 Mark Thomas
Michael Cooper 19 21 Nigel Bound
Paul Evans 21 20 Martin Middleton
Craig Baugh 17 21 Doug Edwards
Gordon Hawkins 21 10 Keiran Jones
Games 3 3
Aggregate 111 110
Played at Meole Brace No 1  
Meole Brace Score Score Sir J Bayley
Will Tarrell 21 12 Scott Simpson
Andy Wigginton 21 9 Chris Worthington
Dave Redge 21 17 Tom Roden
Scott Moseley 21 19 Kevin Hocknull
Tim Jordan 21 14 Ant Bracken
Jon Lyttle 21 19 Kieran Buckley
Games 6 0
Aggregate 126 90
Combined Totals
Meole Brace Sir J Bayley
Games 9 3
Aggregate 236 201

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