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Seaton Sports Pool A&B 1st round Report

Pool A

There were shocks aplenty in the 1st round of the Seaton Sports Pool A as the league table was turned upside down. Wem USC defeated Hanwood by 6 on Ifton, with captain Scott Thomas leading by example winning 10. Wayne Phillips’ 9 best win for Hanwood was not enough. Wrockwardine Wood stunned 2nd placed Newport as they hammered them by 45 on Sir John Bayley, only having one loser, with Tom Langford winning 15 for Newport, as Stuart Rutter led the way at number one winning 8. St Georges beat Sir John Bayley by 2 chalks on Newport in the closest game of the night. John Cooke’s 10 win was key for them, as Kane Beaman’s best win of 11 was not enough for the County Cup winners.

Semi Final Round Held on Wed Oct 10th 2018
1 Castlefields Wrockwardine Wood At Prince Of Wales Hotel (please not change of venue)
2 Wem U S C St Georges At Meole Brace No 1


Quarter Final Round Held on Wed Oct 3rd 2018
1 Castlefields 168 0 Bye At N/A
2 Wrockwardine Wood 162 117 Newport At S J Bayley Bottom
3 Wem U S C 149 143 Hanwood At Ifton
4 St Georges 145 143 Sir J Bayley At Newport No 1

Pool B

Bylet look to finish the season on a high after a great season as they beat Meole Brace by 32 on Burway in the Seaton Sports Pool B 1st round. Captain Scott Harries said “once again my boys delivered a great performance. No matter what team I have available to me, all the boys perform their best for me. On a carpet at Burway and credit to them for getting the green that way we led from start to finish. Unlucky to Meole Brace, there were some great games and bowling but it was our night.” Best winner was Chris Chamberlain 11, while for Meole it was Tim Jordan 16. Ifton beat Chester Road by 18 on Hanmer as the record holders look to add another win in this competition. Captain Dickie Jones was “pleased to have got through and keep our good record in the competition going” as he was best winner 8 for them, with Martin Lloyd’s 10 win replying for the opposition. Burway hammered Hanmer by 47 on the Bowring with 7 winners, Len Lewis the best of them 5. Hanmer’s only winner was Mike Gilpin 6.

Semi Final Round Held on Wed Oct 10th 2018
1 Bowring Bylet At Meole Brace No 2
2 Ifton Burway At S J Bayley Bottom


Quarter Final Round Held on Wed Oct 3rd 2018
1 Bowring 168 0 Bye At N/A
2 Bylet 162 130 Meole Brace At Burway No. 1
3 Ifton 152 134 Chester Road At Hanmer
4 Burway 153 106 Hanmer At Bowring No 1

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