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Management Rules

Management Rules (Last updated 1/2/19)


1. The league shall be known as the Shropshire Premier Bowling League with a proviso that at the discretion of the Management Committee the addition of any sponsors name can be included in its title.


2. The officers of the league shall be its President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Meetings Secretary, Treasurer, Fixtures Secretary, Competitions Secretary and Webmaster. These officers will form the Management Committee.In the event of the role of Vice Chairman, Meetings Secretary, Treasurer, Fixtures Secretary, Competitions Secretary and Webmaster being split into separate appointments then the persons undertaking those roles shall become members of the Management Committee which shall comprise of at least seven members at any one time.


3. The executive committee shall comprise of the Management Committee and one delegate from each of the clubs affiliated to the league.

This committee shall meet in March and October of each year and on such other occasions as may become necessary at the discretion of the Management Committee.

It shall be compulsory for each affiliated club to nominate a representative to serve on the Executive Committee.

If such appointed representative is unable to attend any meeting then a replacement must attend. Nominations for each clubs representative to be received by the Meetings Secretary prior to the March meeting.


4. All clubs shall pay an affiliation fee of £75 per year and thereafter such annual fees as may be decided at the Annual General Meeting.

All clubs shall pay £2 per player per match fees. These fees shall be paid to the Treasurer in two installments each year the first by the 1st July and the second by the 1st October.

Any club not paying the fees by the due date shall be fined £25.

Any alteration in player’s fees shall also be decided at the Annual General Meeting.


5. Executive committee meetings shall be held on the third Tuesday in March and October respectively. Notice of meetings shall be given to each club 7 days prior to the meeting accompanied by a copy of the minutes of the previous meeting’s agenda together with copies of any correspondence to be discussed.

The Annual General Meeting will be held on the third Tuesday in January each year when the officers of the League shall be elected to serve for the ensuing year.

At this meeting representatives will be appointed to serve on any outside bodies and Auditors appointed. An audited statement of accounts of the Leagues financial position will be presented and any rule changes if any will be made. Any club failing to attend the Annual General Meeting shall pay a fine of £20 to the League and £10 for failing to attend an Executive Meeting.


6. An extraordinary general meeting may be called by the Management Committee at the request of a minimum of two thirds of those clubs registered with the League provided that 7 days notice is given to the Management Committee who shall then arrange for a meeting to be held within 14 days of receipt of such request.

Only business stated in the request will be discussed at the meeting.


7. Any rule changes can only be made at the Annual General Meeting. Proposals to make any alterations to the rules (other than those proposed by the Management Committee) shall be given in writing to the Meetings Secretary at least 28 days prior to the meeting.


8. Any resolution duly proposed seconded and accepted by the Chairman of the Meeting shall be carried by a simple majority of those present and entitled to vote.

Any bowler registered with the league may attend and at the discretion of the Chairman speak at any meeting . Officers of the league are not entitled to vote.


9. The Executive Committee shall at its March meeting agree the amount of prize money to be allocated for the forthcoming season both for the League and its associated competitions.

The Treasurer shall record the decision of the Executive Committee in respect of the prize money payable and inform the Executive Committee each year at its March meeting of the prize winners and amounts paid out in the previous year.


10. In the event of a team wishing to join the League, the team finishing bottom in each season will take part in a play off with any team from within the County Association who have won their respective first division league and whose green they have won the league on must have floodlights. Where the application is from a club whose green is located outside the Shropshire county boundary, the application will only be considered if the club is solely affiliated to the Shropshire County Bowling Association and they have been affiliated for a minimum period of 10 years.

Where more than one team wishes to join the League then the Management Committee shall arrange a date and venue for those teams to play against each other to determine who shall go forward to play against the team finishing bottom of the League. Teams must be submitted for these games to the league secretary at least 24 hours before the match.

If there is only one application to join the League then that team will automatically play against the team finishing bottom of the League.

Any play off match will be decided by a single match played at a neutral venue on the first Friday in October (or such other date as may be decided by the Management Committee). Teams must be submitted for this game to the league secretary at least 24 hours before the match.

The match will comprise 12 games of 21 up with the winners to be decided by overall aggregate. In the event of a tie then four players who competed in the match will play again up to 11 and the play off place will be awarded to the team whose players combined have the highest number of aggregate points. If there is another tie, the process is continued with the same players playing each other again in the same format until a team scores the highest number of aggregate points and is awarded a playoff place.

To be eligible to play in a play off match for a league winner, a selected player must not have played in any premier league game in that season and have played at least six league games in that season for the team wishing to join the league. In the event of a team being unable to provide a full compliment of players then their application will be rejected. To be eligible to play in a play off match for the bottom placed Premier League side, a player must have played at least six Premier League games in that season.


11. Suitable Premier League venues (i.e. with two greens) that want to host the Presentation Evening will be put onto a rota and selected in order for each season. If a club is unable to host the event when it is their turn, then their turn will go to the next club in line. Once a club hosts the event, then they will go to the end of the rota. Any new suitable Premier League Venues will be added to the end of the rota.


12. All member clubs must make their green available for League competitions, unless there are valid reasons (i.e green maintenance).

If the reason is considered by the League Executive insufficient, then members /players from that club will be ineligible to enter that particular competition.

All players registered with a premier league club, or a club or clubs invited by the management committee, are allowed to enter individual league competitions.

Any club that holds an individual competition will be paid £15. All referees will be paid £20.

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