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[ rəˈzəlt] PLURAL
A good or successful performance against an opponent, esp. in a sporting event; a favourable outcome. Freq. in pl.: favourable or desired consequences. to get a result (also results) : to secure the desired objective.

At the recent AGM meeting, it was decided that the Executive Committee are to introduce the exciting feature of the ‘Becketts Results system’. Many other leagues have already embraced this new method of entering results onto the Internet.  This will not only allow you to see the moment the results are confirmed, but also allow the Team Captains better access to how well players have performed.

The SPBL Executive Committee would like to thank Mike Beckett and his team in introducing this system and hope you will also enjoy the facilities.
We’ve tried to allow you easy access to the results system, if you pay a visit to the Results page or use the quick links to your right.

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