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Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame 1 (2019): Colin Beaman

Colin has been one of our top players for the 25 years of the league. He started in 1978 at Telepost, before moving to Battlefield in 1993, and was part of their league winning team the year after in the 1st season of the league. He moved to Meole Brace in 2003 after winning the Most Consecutive Wins in 2001. He helped them win the Alan Mayhew Trophy there in 2016, but moved to Hanwood in 2018 for a new challenge. Outside of the league he won the County Merit in 1995, as well as be the first Shropshire winner of the Spring Waterloo in 2011 and the Oceanico Masters in the same year. He is nearing 100 caps for Shropshire too.

Hall of Fame 2 (2019): Pete Farmer

Pete is top of the all time league averages for the Premier League, having won 430 games overall. He started his bowls in 1976 at Four Crosses, before moving to Childs Ercall and then Hadley USC in the Premier League. He won the first ever League Merit, and has added five since, a record. He helped Childs Ercall into the league in 1999, and won his first League Averages that season too. He has won that three more times, and the most consecutive wins 4 times too. He won them both the last two seasons, the first player to have done this. He also won 30 straight games over the 2017 and 2018 seasons, a record. He has also won two league titles with St Georges and 5 with Newport, as well as other Alan Mayhew Trophies and Pool A shields. Outside of the league he has won the County Merit 4 times, as well as reach the final of the All England and has won many other big titles.

Hall of Fame 3 (2019): Rich Goddard

Rich started bowling in 1970 at Castlefields. And after 39 seasons, he is still there! He has become one of the best players in the league and the county over that time. He has won 401 games in the league out of the 572 he has played. In that time he helped Castlefields win 10 league titles, as well as 7 Alan Mayhew Trophies and 7 Pool A shields. They also have won the BCGBA Club Championship three times during his time there. Individually he won the League Averages in 1996, and the League Merit the year before. He has also reached the final of the Waterloo and Isle of Man, as well as winning the County Merit twice amongst other top titles.

Hall of Fame 4 (2019): Andy Moss

Andy started bowling in 1986 for Woore, and still plays there now on a Tuesday night in the Whitchurch League. He started his Premier League career at Archibald Worthington, winning the Most Consecutive Wins there. He moved over to Chester Road in 2003, and helped them to three league titles on the bounce. In that period he won his first League Averages in 2004. In 2006 he won the League Merit, and then in 2010 and 2011 he was the first player to win the League Averages in Consecutive seasons. In 2011 he won 25 of his 26 games, winning 19 of them consecutively, setting records for them both. He has added another two most consecutive wins since then, and another League Averages. Outside of the League he has won the County Merit twice, and is the only Shropshire winner of the Autumn Waterloo. He has also reached the final of the All England twice, and the Isle of Man, as well as win the Meole Open and Talbot Trophy.

Hall of Fame 5 (2019): Tony Rhodes

Tony first started bowling in 1974 at Madeley Court. He moved to the Nabb in 1980, and then St Georges in 1983, where he has stayed since then. He has played for them in every season, winning the League Averages in 1997 as well as the League Merit the year before, after beating Derek Wright in the final at the old British Sugar. He has been a very consistent player for St Georges, helping them to 5 league titles, 6 Alan Mayhew Trophies and 6 Pool A shields. He has captained them recently too, as well as be one of their officials. He won the Mike Hinton Pairs with Dale Rudrum at Donnington Wood in 2011. He is still a top performer for them, and has won over 400 games from his near 600 games for the Dragons.

Hall of Fame 6 (2019): Keith Walton

Keith started bowling in 1967 at Meole Brace. He won our County Merit in 1988, and then the County Handicap in 1990 and 1991. He then moved to Castlefields in 1996, helping them to win 9 League titles, numerous County Cups, Alan Mayhew Trophies and Pool As and the Club Championship. He won the 1999 League Averages in this league, and has played 41 county games, as well as over 600 games in our league, the most ever by a player, and is still a regular in the Castlefields side. He is now a county senior selector along with our President Mick Jones and Chairman Mark Shore.