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2014 Pool A/B

Pool A Final

In tonight’s Pool A game St Georges beat hosts Meole Brace by 40. Winning Captain Tony Rhodes (left) collects the Pool A Shield from Competitions Secretary John Coxill (right).

                   SONY DSC

 Full results:

Meole Brace St Georges
Adrian Rowe 12 21 Clay Flattley
Colin Beaman 18 21 Dave King
Darren Wellings 19 21 Jim Kellett
Glyn Wellings 19 21 Ian Gaut
Julian Cooke 20 21 Alan Palin
Mark Thomas 17 21 Nigel Evans
Peter Bound 9 21 Glyn Picknell
Andy Wigginton 14 21 Tony Rhodes
128 168

Winning St Georges Team


Back from left: Jim Kellett, Nige Evans, Glyn Picknell, Tony Rhodes (Captain), Mike Wainwright.

Front from left: Clay Flattley, Alan Palin, Ian Gaut, Dave King.

Runners-up Meole Brace


Back from left:Andy Wigginton, Darren Wellings, Mark Thomas (Captain), Nigel Bound, Julian Cooke.

Front from left: Colin Beaman, Adrian Rowe, Glyn Wellings, Peter Bound.

 Pool B Final

In tonight’s Pool B final Wrockwardine Wood came from behind to defeat Burway by 7. Winning Captain Martin Gaut (left) collects the Shield from Competition Secretary John Coxill (right).


 Full results:

Burway Wrockwardine Wood
Kiah Roberts 21 9 Stuart Clee
Wayne Rogers 20 21 Steve Roberts
Roy Crowther 10 21 Rob Fuller
Ben Allen 21 11 Martin Gaut
Duncan Pressley 20 21 Rob Fuller
Russell Davies 17 21 Martin Williams
Chris Dovey 20 21 Tom Langford
Kev Dovey 10 21 Dale Downes
139 146

 Winners Wrockwardine Wood


 Back from left: Tom Langford, Rob Jones, Stuart Clee, Martin Williams.

Front from left: Dale Downes, Steve Roberts, Martin Gaut (Captain), Rob Fuller

 Runners-up Burway


 Back from left: Ben Allen, Roy Crowther, Kiah Roberts, Duncan Pressley (Captain)

Front from left: Kev Dovey, Russ Davies, Wayne Rogers, Chris Dovey

Wednesday 8th October

Premiership Competition

Meole Brace will play St Georges on the Non Premier Green in the Pool A final. As Meole Brace will be playing on their own green, the Handicap will be two on the card for St Georges players and receipt of the jack. In the Pool B Final, Burway will play Wrockwardine Wood  on the Premier green, both matches starting at 7.00 pm on Friday 10th October. The presentation of prizes will follow the conclusion of the matches


Wednesday 1st October

Premiership Competition

St Georges bt S.J.B. by 24

Meole Brace beat Wem USC  by 14

W/Wood bt Hadley by 23

Burway bt Ifton by 2


Meole Brace will play St Georges on the Non Premier Green in the Pool A final and Burway will play Wrockwardine Wood in the Pool B final on the Premier green at Meole Brace on Friday 10th October, start 7.00 pm


Wednesday 24th September

Premiership Competition


Pool A                                                          

Meole Brace beat Newport by 18

Wem USC            Walkover

Pool B                                                       

Wrock Wood                Walk Over

Burway                        Walk over

Ifton  drew with Bylet but win the match as they had the best winner

Hadley USC beat Bowring by 9

Draw for semi finals to be played Wednesday 1st October:-

 Pool A                                                        Venues

Sir John Bayley   v        St Georges           Newport

Meole Brace        v        Wem USC            Hadley USC

 Pool B                                                        Venues

Hadley USC         v        Wrock Wood       Sir John Bayley

Burway                v        Ifton                     Bowring

The Pool A and Pool B finals will take place at Meole Brace on Friday 10th October, start 7.00 PM.


Tuesday 23rd September

Premiership Competition

The matches between Chester Road & Wrock Wood at Castlefields and Arch W’ton & Burway at Sir John Bayley will not be played as Chester Road and Archibald Worthington have pulled out. Wrockwardine Wood and Burway  have been awarded the games.


Saturday 20th September

Revised venue for Pool A match:-

Newport v      Meole Brace          now at Chester Road



Premiership Competition

The draw and venues for the quarter finals to be played on Wednesday 24th September are as follows:

Pool A                                             Venues

Newport v      Meole Brace          Bylet

Castlefields    v      Wem USC      Bowring


St Georges & Sir J Bayley have Byes


Pool B                                                     Venues

Chester Road v      Wrock Wood         Castlefields

Arch W’ton    v      Burway                   Sir John Bayley

Bylet       v      Ifton                                Meole Brace

Bowring v      Hadley USC                   Newport