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2012 Pool A/B

Pool A Final

Pool A was won tonight by Newport at the final held on the top green at Sir John Bayley. They comfortably beat St Georges by 27 and captain Dale Rudrum receives the Pool A shield from Richard Taylor from Sponsors MEDIABOX.


Full results:

Newport                 v                       St Georges

Philip Emery 21 17 Dave King
Dave Rhodes 21 15 Matthew Rhodes
Peter  Farmer 21 20 Scott Harries
Alan Davidson 18 21 Glyn Picknell
Chris Grocott 21 19 Tony  Rhodes
Dale Rudrum 21 16 Michael Wainwright
Russell Pegram 21 6 Alan Palin
Martyn France 18 21 Ian Gaut
 Total: 162 135

Winners Newport


Back from left: Chris Grocott, Dave Rhodes, Alan Davidson, Pete Farmer, Russ Pegram & Mick Jones.

Front from left: Martyn France, Dale Rudrum (Captain), Phil Emery, Mark Selley.

Runners-up St Georges

St GeorgesPoolA2012

Back from left: Tony Rhodes, Alan Palin, Glyn Picknell (Captain), Mike Wainwright & Matty Rhodes.

Front from left: Ian Gaut, Dave King, Scott Harries, Nige Evans.

Pool B Final

Bowring                    v                  Wem USC

Richard Lawson 21 16 Michael Reeves
John Cooke 20 21 Adrian Smout
Robert Roden 21 14 Stuart Bailey
Josh Bradburn 16 21 Mal Evans
Andrew Morgan 21 20 George Williams
Steve Cox 20 21 Mike Fielder
Glyn Hayward 21 13 Scott Thomas
Roy Bradburn 21 17 Colin Smith
  Total: 161 143

 Winners Bowring


Back from left: Peter Roden, John Cooke, Steve Cox, Glyn Hayward & Andy Morgan.

Front from left: Josh Bradburn, Rob Roden, Roy Bradburn (Captain), Rich Lawson.

Runner-up Wem USC


Back from left: Stuart Bailey, Mel Evans, Mike Reeves, Barrie Thomas & Mike Fielder.

Front from left: Colin Smith, Scott Thomas (Captain), Adrian Smout & George Williams.


Wednesday 3rd October

Premiership Competition

The results from tonight’s matches :-

Pool A

St Georges beat S J Bayley by 14 at  Newport

Newport beat Meole Brace by 42 at the Bowring

Pool B

Wem USC beat  Ifton by 1 at Archibald Worthington

Bowring beat Wrock Wood  at Meole Brace


Newport will play St Georges in the Pool A final at Sir John Bayley Club on the 19th October with Bowring playing Wem USC in the Pool B final.


Thursday 26th September

Premiership Competition

The draw and venues for the semi  finals  to be played on Wednesday 3rd October are as follows:

 Pool A  Venues
S J Bayley v St Georges Newport
Newport v Meole Brace Bowring
 Pool B  Venues
Wem USC v Ifton Archibald Worthington
Bowring v Wrock Wood Meole Brace

Wednesday 26th September

Premiership Competition

The results from tonight’s matches :-

Pool A

S J Bayley beat Chester Road by 51 at  Meole Brace

Meole Brace beat Castlefields by 5 at S J Bayley

Pool B

Wem USC beat Archibald W’ton by 39 at Ifton

Wrock Wood beat Bylet by 33 at St Georges

Ifton beat Ford by 6 at Wem USC


Wednesday 19th September

Premiership Competition

The draw and venues for the quarter  finals  to be played on Wednesday 26th September are as follows:

 Pool A  Venues
S J Bayley v Chester Road Meole Brace
Castlefields v Meole Brace S J Bayley
Newport and St Georges have byes


 Pool B  Venues
Wem USC v Archibald W’ton Ifton
Bylet v Wrock Wood St Georges
Ford v Ifton Wem USC
Bowring have a bye