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2014 Alan Mayhew Trophy

Preliminary Round results

Chester Road beat Hanmer by 28
SJ Bayley beat Hadley USC by 27
Newport awarded match by Bylet
Castlefields awarded match by Archibald Worthington
Wrock Wood beat St Georges by 21
Wem USC beat Burway by 11
Bowring beat Ifton by 4
Meole Brace beat Hanwood by 42

Quarter Final results

Newport beat Castlefields by 30
Chester Road beat Sir John Bayley by 35
Wem USC beat Wrockwardine Wood
Meole Brace beat the Bowring by 18

Semi Final results

Newport beat Chester Road by 48
Meole Brace beat Wem USC by 36

Alan Mayhew Cup final – 21st June 2014 – Allscott BC

Meole Brace v Newport

G Wellings 17-21 C Grocott
D Wellings 21-17 P Grimston
C Beaman 21-12 S Harries
A Rowe 13-21 D Rhodes
N Davies 17-21 A Davidson
J Cooke 21-14 S Handley
P Bound 21-14 M Selley
A Wiggington 9-21 P Emery
C Wilson 21-14 K Keary
M Thomas 21-15 R Pegram
B Tarrel 7-21 P Farmer
M Hinks 13-21 D Rudrum

Meole 202-212 Newport

Newport won by 10 chalks

Mike Hinton(League President) presented the trophy to Newport Capt, Dale Rudrum and his Newport BC team.

Newport back from left, Peter Farmer, Kevin Keary, Chris Grocott, Scott Harries, Peter Grimston, Stephen Handley, Russell Pegram.
Front Mark Selley Dale Rudrum, Dave Rhodes, Phil Emery, Alan Davidson.

For his fight back from trailing 3-14 to run out a 21-14 winner, Julian Cooke(Meole Brace) was adjudged as Man of the Match.