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2013 Alan Mayhew

Alan Mayhew 1st round results

Castlefields bt Newport by 11 shots overall
Bylet had w/o against Ifton
Meole Brace bt St Georges by 20 shots overall
Hanwood bt Wrockwardine Wood by 82 shots overall
Burway bt H.U.S.C. by 45 shots overall
Archibald Worthington beat Hanmer by 7 shots overall
Bowring bt Chester Road by 12 shots overall
S.J.B. bt W.U.S.C. by 42 shots overall

Alan Mayhew Trophy Quarter Finals results

Castlefields beat Bylet by 65 shots overall
Meole Brace beat Hanwood by 10 overall
Burway beat A.W.C. by 11 shots overall
Bowring beat S.J.B. by 8 shots overall

Alan Mayhew Trophy – Semi Final results

Castlefields beat Meole brace by 15 overall
Bowring beat Burway by 22 shots overall

Castlefields will play Bowring on the Bylet non-premier green.


Castlefields win from the front and overcome Bowring by 15 overall………..

The result was a win by 15 for the “Fields” and after 25 minutes Castlefields were 21 up after captain and Man of the Match, Michael Beer, won 21-0 against John Cooke. Michael played one mark across the crown and John had no luck with his second wood on many occasions. In deed one of the biggest “Fields” shouts was to Paul Williams not to pick up Michaels jack from the mark he was on!!.

Castlefields had two more winners in the first four and led by 19 after four blocks as Mark Taylor won to 12 for the Bowring. In an even middle four, Castlefields extended the lead to 20. Bowring shared the back four and reduced the deficit by five, but the “Fields” were always in control and it was left to Michael Beer to receive the trophy from the donor Alan Mayhew (left below) and the man of the match award from donor Mike Hinton (right below).

Alan Meyhew2013winnerweb                                            MichaelBeerMOM2013web


The victorious Castlefields team

Castlefields, 2013 winners for the sixth time, Back (from left) Keith Walton, Michael Beer (captain), Barry Keep, Glyn Herbert, Graham Rogers, Jesse James.
Front: Martin Codd, Dan Williams, Alan Peach, Paul Williams, Mark Rogers.

Runners-up Bowring

Bowring, finalists for the first time who pushed Castlefields all the way, Back (from left) Peter Roden, Steve Cox, Mark Taylor, Rob Roden, Roy Bradburn, Pete Griffiths, John Cooke.
Front: Sean Round, David Lloyd, Brian Jarvis, Rich Lawson (captain), John Bradburn.