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2012 Alan Mayhew Trophy

1st round results
Archibald Worthington beat Wem USC by 26
Hanwood beat Madeley Cricket Club by 9
St Georges beat SJ Bayley
Meole Brace beat Ford
Newport beat Castlefields by 4
Chester Road beat Wrock Wood by 61
Ifton beat Bylet by 38
Bowring beat Burway by 5

Quarter Final Results
Hanwood beat Archibald Worthington by one
St Georges beat Meole Brace
Chester Road beat Newport by 20
Ifton beat Bowring by 49

Semi Final Results
St Georges beat Hanwood
Chester Road beat Ifton

The Final will be played at Meole Brace (Non Premier) on Saturday 30th June , start 7.00 pm.

St Georges win a Thriller…………… beating Chester Road by 2…

The score was close and the match was even tighter! It was a sign of things to come when the first four resulted in the match being all square with Scott Harries fine 21-9 win against Charlie Weaver cancelled out exactly by wins for Martin Lloyd (21-19), Andy Moss 21-15) and Andy Smith (21-17). Chester Road led for the first time when Paul Griffiths won 21-12 but the dragons roared back with three wins of their own, including Andrew Jones 21-17 win against Andrew Duckett which earned him the Man of the Match award and led by four going into the back four. St Georges started the back four well and had three cards up one stage but the “Roaders” looked to make a trophy winning move when they were up in the all the games as the match neared its finale.

Derek Wright won 21-18 to reduce the deficit to one but the “young” back four of St Georges rallied and when Tom Langford and Jamie King win 21-19, St Georges were five up. At this stage Andrew Foster was 19-14 up against Rob Burroughs and then the drama began. Rob won the next end to make it 15-19 and then Andy scored one to make it 20-15 and then lay one for the game and match and Rob played a great bowl to remove the winning bowl to score one and then the match was level!
Rob scored a pair at the next end to win the trophy for St Georges and although Andrew won the next end to win 21-18, it was left to Glyn Picknell and Alan Palin to receive the trophy from the donor Alan Mayhew.

Chester Road St Georges
1 Martin Lloyd 21 19 Glyn Picknell
2 Charlie Weaver 9 21 Scott Harries
3 Andy Smith 21 17 Nigel Evans
4 Andy Moss 21 15 Dave King
5 Mark Holland 16 21 Alan Palin
6 Andy Duckett 17 21 Andrew Jones
7 Paul Griffiths 21 12 Simon Rhodes
8 Paul Latham 17 21 Tony  Rhodes
9 Derek Wright 21 18 Tom Langford
10 Paul Williams 19 21 Mike Wainwright
11 Andrew Foster 21 18 Robert Burroughs
12 Les Markham 19 21 Jamie King
223 225



The competition was sponsored for the first time by “mediaBOXuk” and Richard Taylor and Ash Griffiths from the company were there to help Alan present the Trophy.

Victorious St Georges Back (From Left) Matthew Rhodes, Rob Burroughs, Mike Wainwright, Tom Langford, Scott Harries, Nigel Evans, Andrew Jones, Dave King.

Front: Simon Rhodes, Tony Rhodes, Glyn Picknell (Captain), Alan Palin, Jamie King.

Gallant Runners Up , Chester Road Back Back from left Les Markham, Dave Rogers (Captain), Paul Latham, Martin Lloyd, Paul Griffiths, Mark Holland.
Front Andy Moss, Andy Smith, Paul Williams, Derek Wright, Andrew Foster, Charlie Weaver, Andrew Duckett