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2010 Alan Mayhew Trophy

Preliminary Round Results
Chester Road bt Bowring by 39 shots overall
Castlefields bt A.W.C. by 57 shots
Wem U.S.C. bt S.J.B. by  31 shots
Meole Brace bt Bylet by  36 shots
St Georges bt Childs Ercall by 54 shots
Newport bt Ford by 11 shots

Quarter Final Results
Wem beat Meole Brace by 24 shots overall
Castlefields beat Chester Road by 19 shots overall
W/Wood beat Ifton by 18 shots overall
St Georges beat Newport

Semi Final Results
St Georges beat Wrockwardine Wood by 4 overall
Wem USC beat Castlefields

St Georges  complete a “nap” hand  and win the trophy for the 5th time …………… beating Wem USC by 25…


A very close final tonight was edged by St Georges with three winners in the back. It was level going into the back four but St Georges upped their game when it mattered.

Glyn Picknell raced into a 11 2 lead on a tight 30m mark, but Derek Wright was 11 1 up in the corners. Chris Ball also lead 14 3 on round pegs. Scott and Graham had a very close game, Graham winning on the longer marks with Scott on the shorter marks. Jim Kellett managed to pull back some chalks on derek but Derek ran out from 13 5 up back in the corners. But Glyn maintained his early advantage to win 10. Pete Bound then managed to come back at Bally on a long straight mark to get back to 18. Scott then ran out from 16 14 down on a small round peg to give St Georges a slender 4 chalk lead.

Into the middle four and Colin Smith was awesome on this round peg to lead 6 0 before Andy managed to claw back some points on a straight mark. Mike Wainwright struggled at the start but managed to claw his way back into his game and with a great bowl in the corners, ran out from 14 13 on a large round peg. Andy got back to 15 across before Colin ran out on another round peg. Steve Allmark was awesome in the corners to lead Kingy 12 2 before Kingy got in and ran 14 on a mark across the middle before Steve got back in and managed to win 20 in a thriller. Stuart Bailey and Tom Langford had a good game with some quality woods. Both had a run in the middle of the game, Stuart over the middle and Tom on a straight mark. Stuart managed to win 17, which meant a level game into the back four.

Alan Palin had a good start against Shaun in the corners before Shaun got back in over the middle. Ian Gaut had a storming start to lead 14 3 over the middle before Fred got back in and scored a few more, but Gauty pulled out some real’uns and won 7 to give St Georges a lead of 14. Pale had build up a 16 8 lead in the corners. Chris Brettell had a good start to lead 5 0 and 16 5 to give Wem some hope. But Keith raced in an early lead in the corners to mean St Georges were nearly there. Alan was 19 10 up and only needed to win to secure the win for St Georges. But Shaun got in and got back to 13 before Pale got back in and won the game back in his favoured corners, and give St Georges the trophy. Mark Taylor clawed his way back on a round peg to get back to 17, whilst Keith was 19 1 up in the corners before Iain got back to 13 on a round peg, but the game was already won for St Georges.



Ian Gaut, the winning joint captain, receives the “Alan Mayhew” Trophy from donor Alan Mayhew.


Man of the Match Mike Wainwright  (right) receives his award from League President Mike Hinton.

Full Match score:

1 Mel Jenkins 10 21 Glyn Picknell
2 Peter Bound 18 21 Chris Ball
3 Derek Wright 21 5 Jim Kellett
4 Graham Dulson 16 21 Scott Harries
5 Colin Smith 21 15 Andrew Jones
6 Mike Dulson 13 21 Michael Wainwright
7 Steve Allmark 21 20 Dave King
8 Stuart Bailey 21 17 Tom Langford
9 Shaun Nagle 13 21 Alan Palin
10 Fred Bailey 7 21 Ian Gaut
11 Chris Brettell 21 17 Mark Taylor
12 Iain McDonald 13 21 Keith Anderson
Total 196 221


Victorious St Georges Back (From Left) Jim Kellett, Glyn Picknell, Mark Taylor, Scott Harries, Keith Anderson, Mike Wainwright, Dave King.

Front: Chris Ball, Andy Jones, Ian Gaut (captain), Alan Palin, Tom Langford.



Gallant Runners Up , Wem USC, Back Steve Allmark, Shaun Nagle, Ian Dowley, John Wilkes, Colin Smith, Graham Dulson, Iain McDonald.

Front: Peter Bound, Fred Bailey, Derek Wright, Mel Jenkins (Captain), Chris Brettell, Mike Dulson.

The Alan Mayhew Trophy final between Wem USC and St Georges will be played this Saturday (26th June) at Meole brace (Non Premier green). The match will commence at 7.00 pm. The referee will be Roger Griffin.

The draw is as follows:-

Wem USC St Georges
1 Mel Jenkins v Glyn Picknell
2 Peter Bound v Chris Ball
3 Derek Wright v Jim Kellett
4 Graham Dulson v Scott Harries
5 Colin Smith v Andrew Jones
6 Mike Dulson v Michael Wainwright
7 Steve Allmark v Dave King
8 Stuart Bailey v Tom Langford
9 Shaun Nagle v Alan Palin
10 Fred Bailey v Ian Gaut
11 Chris Brettell v Mark Taylor
12 Iain McDonald v Keith Anderson