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2005 Pool A/B

Finals to be played on Friday 14th October at Wem Sports Bowling Club


The awards were made to tonight’s Pool A & B winners with Paul Williams (pictured below left) representing Castlefields and Terry Williams (pictured below right) from Ifton collecting the respective shields from Premier League president Mike Hinton.

PoolA                PoolB

POOL A Final

St Georges


1 Peter Farmer 20 21 Paul Williams
2 Andy Jones 16 21 Rich Goddard
3 Chris Ball 12 21 Glyn Herbert
4 Mark Burroughs 21 7 Jesse James
5 Alan Palin 21 13 Keith Walton
6 Ian Gaut 13 21 Clay Flattley
7 Craig Barker 21 14 Alan Mayhew
8 Mick Jones 9 21 Callum Wraight
Total 133 139


Castlefields won by 6

POOL B Final

Ifton Wem USC
1 Mike Riley 21 9 Derek Wright
2 Kevin Jones 17 21 Fred Bailey
3 Chris Pearce 21 12 Mel Evans
4 Dave Jones 21 16 Andy Marshall
5 Andy Delooze 13 21 Barrie Thomas
6 Tim Halliwell 21 17 Scott Thomas
7 Andrew Hughes 12 21 Phil Threfall
8 Carl Roberts 14 21 Colin Smith
Total 140 138


Ifton won by 2


Pool A Final

St Georges v Castlefields

Pool B Final

Ifton v Wem USC


Wednesday 5th October

Pool A

Castlefields  (Keith Walton 21-3) beat Meole Brace (Tony Dodd 21-12) by 19

Pool B

Wem USC (Derek Wright, Colin Smith 21-9) beat Archibald Worthington (Adrian Smout 21-14) by 6


Wednesday 28th September

Pool A

St Georges ( M Burroughs 21-6) beat Ford ( W Phillips 21-14) by 3

Meole Brace and Castlefields – Match Postponed,   to be played Wednesday 5th October

Pool B

Ifton beat Newport by 1

Archibald Worthington and Wem USC – Match postponed, to be played Wednesday 5th October


Wednesday 21st September

Pool A

St Georges ( C Barker 21-7) beat Wrockwardine Wood (D Semper 21-16) by 37

Meole Brace (I Dowley, C Clapham 21-11) bear Chester Road ( M Lloyd 21-8)  by 6

Pool B

Newport ( P Emery 21-5) beat Donnington Wood ( M Williams 21-10) by 53

Archibald Worthington   (L Markham 21-8)  beat Childs Ercall (B Tunks 21-9)  by 4

Ifton beat S J Bayley by 3


Revised Semi Final Draw ( Matches to be played Wednesday 28th September)

Pool A     Venues
St Georges v Ford Chester Road
Meole Brace v Castlefields Wrockwardine Wood
Pool B    
Ifton v Newport Castlefields
Archibald Worthington v Wem USC Childs Ercall


The draw and venues for the quarter  finals  to be played on Wednesday 21st September are as follows:

Pool A Venues
St Georges v Wrockwardine Wood Donnington Wood
Ford Bye
Chester Road v Meole Brace Wem USC
Castlefields Bye
Pool B
S J Bayley v Ifton Meole Brace
Newport v Donnington Wood S J Bayley
Archibald Worthington v Childs Ercall Castlefields
Wem USC Bye



The semi final draw will be as follows and the matches will be played on Wednesday 29th September

Pool A    
St Georges/Wrockwardine Wood v Ford
Chester Road/Meole Brace v Castlefields
Pool B    
S J Bayley/Ifton v Newport/Donnington Wood
Archibald Worthington/Childs Ercall v Wem USC