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2004 Pool A/B

Played on Friday 8th October at Bridgewater Bowling Club


The awards were made to tonight’s Pool A & B winners with Dave Rogers (pictured below left) representing Chester Road and Kevin Jones (pictured below right) from Ford collecting the respective shields from Premier League secretary Mark Burroughs.

CRoadPoolAweb     FordPoolBweb

Pool A Final

1 Paul Latham 21 20 Ian Dowley
2 Charlie Weaver 21 9 Colin Beaman
3 Alan Purcell 18 21 Adrian Rowe
4 Paul Griffiths 21 6 Mick Jones
5 Paul Smith 21 18 Gary Cooper
6 Martin Lloyd 19 21 Graham Dulson
7 Andrew Moss 21 14 Mark Thomas
8 Andrew Duckett 21 8 John Nash
Total 163 117


Chester Road won by 46

POOL B Final

1 Nick Davies 21 15 Simon Gerrard
2 Tony Hotchkiss 21 18 John Breeze
3 Wayne Philips 21 11 Mark Selley
4 Dave Hoffman 21 16 Chris Worthington
5 Gary Neal 21 11 Dickie Bond
6 Paul Middleton 7 21 Paul Reeves
7 Nigel Bound 16 21 Dave Rhodes
8 Bill Tarrell 21 5 Roy Bradburn
149 118


Ford won by 31




Wednesday  6th October

Pool B

Ford beat Archibald Worthington by 20 and will play Donnington Wood in the Pool B final on Friday 8th October

Monday 4th October

Pool B

Donnington Wood beat Newport by 44 and will now play either Ford or Archibald Worthington in the Pool B final on Friday 8th October

Wednesday 29th  September

Pool A

Chester Road beat Ifton by 7

Monday 27th September

Pool A

Meole Brace beat Wrockwardine Wood by 13

Meole Brace will now play the winners of Ifton & Chester Road in the Pool A final on Friday 8th October

Wednesday 22nd September

Pool A

Ifton  beat Castlefields by 55  :      Wrock Wood  beat St Georges by 13 :

Pool B

Newport  beat Sir J Bayley by 55  :    Donnington Wood beat Craven Arms  by 20  :    Archibald Worthington  beat  Childs Ercall by 42   :  Ford beat Wem USC by 57

Revised Semi final Draw (Matches to be played Wednesday 29th September)

Pool A

Ifton v Chester Road at  Sir J Bayley

Wrockwardine Wood v Meole Brace at Wem USC to be played Monday 27th September

Pool B

Newport v Donnington Wood on Monday 4th October at St Georges

Ford v Archibald Worthington on Wednesday 6th October at Wem USC

The draw and venues for the quarter  finals  to be played on Wednesday 22nd September are as follows:

Pool A       Venues
Castlefields V Ifton Wem USC
Wrock Wood V St Georges Sir J Bayley
Pool B  
Newport V Sir J Bayley Donnington Wood
Craven Arms V Donnington Wood Castlefields
Archibald Worthington V Childs Ercall Chester Road
Wem USC V Ford Meole Brace

The semi final draw is as follows and the matches will be played on Wednesday 29th September

Pool A    
Castlefields/Ifton V Chester Road
Meole Brace V St Georges/Wrock Wood
Pool B    
Newport/Sir J Bayley V Donnington Wood/Craven Arms
Archibald Worthington/Childs Ercall V Wem/Ford