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Merit (John Coxill Trophy)

Tom Roden won the 2017 No Bull Apparel Shropshire Premier Bowling League Merit at Craven Arms to become the first Sir John Bayley bowler to do so. He beat former home player Wayne Rogers of Burway in the final 21-9 after a day where he utilised one straight mark effectively in all of his games, as well as being equal to whatever his opponent threw at him. He was always comfortable despite an early 3-0 deficit as a 12 break in the corners helped him to a 12-3 lead and he never looked back after as he beat some good bowls of Wayne’s when he had the block. Wayne had recovered from 12-3 down against Hanmer’s Gary Whitehall in the Semi Finals in the corners to run 13 on him and win 15. Tom had a good run himself in the corners from 6 across to lead 14-6 and maintain that advantage till the end, getting out 12 against Hanwood’s Ash Wellings, who was very impressive all day.

In the Quarter Finals:

  • Ash Wellings led Rich Lawson 9-5 and 17-12 on round pegs before Rich got back to 18-16 on a straight mark but Ash ran out.
  • Spencer Clarke and Gary Whitehall had a close game which Gary always edged as neither could have more of a break than 5. From 17 across though Gary managed to get out in the corners.
  • Colin Beaman was up against it playing Wayne Rogers despite being close at the start and trailing just 9-7. But a run of five 2s in his last seven scoring ends helped Wayne win comfortably 13, mainly up and over the crown.
  • Tom Roden led 10-3 on his straight mark before Chris got back to 10-7, however Tom had a run of 10 on the mark again and got out 21-8.

Second Round Games:

  • Wayne Rogers was always comfortable against Connor Whitehall leading 9-3 and 13-4 in the corners, maintaining his lead to win 10.
  • Jamie King had the better of the early exchanges against Colin Beaman leading him 9-6 on a straight mark, before Colin got the block back and ran out from 10-9 down in the corners.
  • Gary Whitehall was always down against Jolyon Partridge until the penultimate end. He trailed 9-3 over the middle and then 12-6 before clawing his way back in runs of 2/3 ends to win 19.
  • Spencer Clarke led holder Josh Bradburn 10-3 early doors on a short mark just over the crown, and despite Josh getting back to 11-9 down, kept his opponent at arms length to win 13.
  • Ash Wellings had a classy game with Darren Wellings which was close throughout. Both had to vary their lengths and marks as neither could get away from each other. But it was Ash who just got out 18.
  • Rich Lawson was excellent leading 14-1 on a falling mark with Rob Fuller hardly doing anything wrong. But Rob tried his best to come back at Rich and despite playing some excellent stuff Rich always found a bowl when needed and won 16.
  • Chris Dovey was always a few shots ahead after only leading 4-3 and Craig Wilson could not get back at him, winning 15 in the end.
  • Tom Roden was awesome against Kiah Roberts on a 20m straight mark. He ran out from 8-5 up as Kiah could not quite rest Tom’s bowls out or hit anything in the end as Tom barely had anything outside of two feet.

First Round Games:

  • Colin Beaman made the most of his scoring ends as seven 2s helped him establish a 16-8 lead over Scott Moseley before Scott rallied back to 19-15, but Colin got out the next end.
  • Jamie King had a break of 10 to lead 10-4 and was comfortable from this point against Robin Clarke, winning 13.
  • Wayne Rogers was too strong for Stuart Clee after a 12-0 lead in the corners, whatever Stuart tried he couldn’t stop Wayne getting in and got back to 9.
  • Connor Whitehall enjoyed a good run to lead 12-4 before Mark Thomas got back to 14-9, however Connor kicked on again and won 13.
  • Spencer Clarke always led against Liam Stevens using marks up to the crown to lead 10-3 and 16-5, before getting out 16.
  • The holder Josh Bradburn recovered from an early 5-0 deficit to have four mini breaks, mainly on short marks up to the crown and back, to win 9.
  • Gary Whitehall was always comfortable against John Nash, leading 8-1 and 14-4 on his way to winning 9.
  • Rob Burroughs enjoyed an early 5-1 lead before Jolyon Partridge had a run of 9 on a mark over the crown to lead 14-6 and then stopped Rob making any breaks to win 11.
  • Len Lewis and Ash Wellings had the only close game of the first round even though Len lead 11-5 and 16-11, with Ash coming back well to run out from 19-16 down.
  • Darren Wellings was a few ahead of Ryan Stevens until from 14-10 Darren ran out.

Full results are here.

The league and Salop Leisure would like to congratulate Tom on his success.

Below are some pictures from the 2017 No Bull Apparel Merit.

The two finalists, Wayne Rogers (left) and Tom Roden (right), with League President John Coxill centre.

Tom Roden receiving the trophy from the trophy donor himself John Coxill.

Tom Roden shows off the trophy.

You can find videos here on the YouTube Channel.