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Pool A/B

The Pool A/B (or Premiership competition) is an 8 a side event played for the Pool A shield and the Pool B shield, with the top 7 in the Pool A and bottom 7 in the Pool B. Two teams then contest each final on the second Friday in October at a Premier League Venue with two greens decided by the rota. The Presentation Evening follows after.

Pool A match cards are here.

Pool B match cards are here.

1st round to be played on Wednesday 3rd October:

Pool A:

Castlefields bye

Wrockwardine Wood beat Newport by 45 at Sir John Bayley

Wem USC beat Hanwood by 6 at Ifton

St Georges beat Sir John Bayley by 2 at Newport

Pool B:

Bowring bye

Bylet beat Meole Brace by 32 at Burway

Ifton beat Chester Road by 18 at Hanmer

Burway beat Hanmer by 47 at Bowring


Semi Finals:

Pool A:

Castlefields beat Wrockwardine Wood by 16 at Prince of Wales Hotel

Wem USC beat St Georges by 5 at Meole Brace no.1

Pool B:

Bowring beat Bylet by 7 on Meole Brace no.2

Ifton beat Burway by 15 on Sir John Bayley


Pool A:

Castlefields beat Wem USC by 29

Pool B:

Bowring beat Ifton by 13


Can all clubs who host please ensure that they cut the green and provide jacks and measures.

Each club provides the host club with £4.


We only have 7 greens available for the 1st round, and only 4 for the Semi Final, so we are very restricted with green choices this year. Greens for the Semi Finals will be released on the night.


The rules for the Premiership competition is as follows:

  1. The competition shall be confined to clubs affiliated to the SPBL.
  2. The Pool A will be contested by the top 7 teams and the Pool B by the rest of the league.
  3. Any team who withdraw from the competition will be fined £25.
  4. All games to be 21 up under B.C.G.B.A. rules and standard jacks to be used.
  5. The number of players in each team shall be eight and the greens, which shall be neutral, shall be selected by members of the Management Committee.
  6. The aggregate score shall decide the match. In the event of a tie on aggregate, the match shall be decided firstly by the most number of wins per team, secondly by the best winner and thirdly by each team’s best win in descending order.  If the game is still tied after these criteria, each captain will nominate one player to play a one off game, with the first player to 11 determining the overall winner.
  7. Any club not sending its full compliment of players shall forfeit 21 points in each case.
  8. All clubs on whose green a cup tie is played shall provide not less than four standard jacks and a tape measure (19 metre) as required by the B.C.G.B.A.
  9. The result must be entered on the website in accordance with Match Rule 13 by the winning team.
  10. Each club shall make a donation to the host club for greenage. (minimum £4.00 per team)
  11. Any matters not provided for in the above rules, and not covered in our Match or Management Rules, shall be dealt with by the League Management Committee, whose decision shall be final.