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Alan Mayhew Trophy

The Alan Mayhew Trophy is primarily a 6 home 6 away competition for the 14 member clubs plus two invited clubs (usually those involved in the previous season’s playoffs). The final is played at a neutral venue.

We are delighted to announce Barlows Fire & Security are sponsoring the 2017 competition. Please support them any way you can.

Donnington Wood and Hadley USC have accepted invitations to the competition for this season.

Team Knockout (Alan Mayhew Trophy):

1st Rd – Wed 26th Jul
2nd Rd – Wed 9th Aug
Semi F – Wed 23rd Aug
Final – Sat 9th Sep

Results and Matchcards can be found here.

1st round results

Hanmer beat Sir John Bayley by 10 overall, winning by 17 at home and losing by 7 away.

Meole Brace W/O Donnington Wood

Ifton beat Chester Road by 15 overall, winning by 26 at home and losing by 11 away.

Wrockwardine Wood beat Hadley USC by 73 overall, winning by 41 at home and 32 away.

Hanwood beat Wem USC by 21 overall, winning by 33 at home and losing by 12 away.

Bylet beat St Georges by 22 overall, winning by 33 at home and losing by 11 away.

Castlefields beat Newport by 14 overall, winning by 37 away and losing by 22 at home.

Bowring beat Burway by 18 overall, winning by 28 at home and losing by 10 away.

2nd round draw

Meole Brace beat Hanmer by 19 overall, winning by 23 at home and losing by 4 away.

Ifton beat Wrockwardine Wood by 32 overall, winning by 39 at home and losing by 7 away.

Hanwood beat Bylet by 48 overall, winning by 48 at home and drawing away.

Castlefields beat Bowring by 32, winning by 40 at home and losing by 8 away.

Semi Final Draw:

Meole Brace beat Ifton by 8 overall, winning by 42 at home and losing by 34 away.

Hanwood beat Castlefields by 36 overall, winning by 31 at home and 5 away.


2017 Alan Mayhew Final programme

Hanwood have won their first ever Salop Leisure Shropshire Premier Bowling League trophy after beating Meole Brace by 55 to claim the Barlows Fire and Security Alan Mayhew Trophy. It was a close start though with it being level after the first four. This was mainly because Meole had fought back with Will Tarrell winning 12 from 11 4 down in the corners  and Colin Beaman winning 17 from 12 4 behind in one of the best games of the night. But with Ash Wellings winning 11 and Nick Davies 18 it meant it was looking like a close game.

Into the middle and Hanwood took control. Greg Smith won 11 in the corners before Jon Mansell had resisted a fight back from Scott Moseley to run out from 15 across. Dave Payne then fought back excellently over the middle from 15 8 down to win 17, and with Dave Burton winning 9 on the longer marks it was a 31 shot lead for Hanwood.

Hanwood were comfortable in the back despite Mark Thomas leading 15 5 and when Glyn Wellings beat his brother 11 it was game over. Mark Shore put the icing on the cake with a faultless performance winning 2 on a falling mark to win the man of the match award. Mark Thomas came off winning 14 before Danny Wornell just got past Dave Redge 19 to give Hanwood a 55 shot win.

The league would like to say well done to Hanwood on winning their first ever league trophy and commiserations to Meole Brace on not being able to defend it.

Thank you to Old Shrewsbury for hosting the game so well and for doing a great buffet. Also thanks to Mike Potter for refereeing the game in his usual high standards.


Hanwood Scores Meole Brace
1 Wayne Phillips 17 21 Colin Beaman
2 Tony Hotchkiss 12 21 Will Tarrell
3 Ash Wellings 21 11 Julian Cooke
4 Nick Davies 21 18 Craig Wilson
5 Greg Smith 21 11 Andy Wigginton
6 Jon Mansell 21 15 Scott Moseley
7 Dave Payne 21 18 Nigel Bound
8 Dave Burton 21 9 Peter Bound
9 Glyn Wellings 21 11 Darren Wellings
10 Phil Lyttle 14 21 Mark Thomas
11 Dan Wornell 21 19 Dave Redge
12 Mark Shore 21 2 Doug Edwards
Total 232 177  


Joint captain Ash Wellings received the trophy off trophy donor Alan Mayhew, with fellow captains Dave Burton (left) and Mark Shore (right) and League President John Coxill (far right).

The three captains celebrate their success.

The team celebrate their maiden success.

Mark Shore receives the Man of the Match Champagne off League President John Coxill.

The winners Hanwood before the match. Back, from right: Mark Shore, Danny Wornell, Nick Davies, Dave Burton, Tony Hotchkiss, Wayne Phillips & Jon Mansell.

Front, from right: Dave Payne, Ash Wellings, Phil Lyttle, Glyn Wellings & Greg Smith.

Gallant runners-up Meole Brace. Back from left: Andy Wigginton, Nigel Bound, Peter Bound, Julian Cooke, John Nash & Dave Redge.

Front from left: Will Tarrell, Doug Edwards, Craig Wilson, Colin Beaman & Scott Moseley.



A reminder of the new rules for the Alan Mayhew trophy for the 2017 Season:

  1. Competition open to all affiliated League clubs. In the event that the Management committee requests that the competition is made up to sixteen teams, the secretary will invite other clubs to participate in the competition.
  2. Teams who withdraw from the competition will be fined £25.
  3. Winners to hold the Alan Mayhew Trophy for 12 months and prize money, to be agreed at the March meeting, will be paid to the winners, runners up and losing semi finalists.
  4. Entry fee to be fixed by the League.
  5. Number of players shall be 12 and play 6 HOME – 6 AWAY on the same day. Matches will commence at 7pm if distance travelling between home green and away green is less than 30 miles or 7.15pm if distance travelling between home green and away green is 30 miles or more. Winners to be decided on aggregate score. The dates for each round will be advised at the March meeting and all matches to be arranged to be completed on that date. The draw will be made at the March Meeting.
  6. Results for rounds up to the final to be entered on the website by the home club in compliance with match rule 13.
  7. In the event of a tie on aggregate in rounds up the final, the match shall be decided firstly by the most number of wins per team, secondly by the best away winner and thirdly by each teams best score in descending order (if the away winners scores are all equal). If the game is still tied after these criteria, the match shall be replayed by mutual agreement between the clubs before the next round is due to be played
  8. In the event of a tie on aggregate in the final, the match shall be decided firstly by the most number of wins per team, secondly by the best winner and thirdly by each team best score in descending order. If the game is still tied after this criteria, then three players from each team comprising one from the first four one from the middle and one from the last four of the players competing in the championship decider will play again up to 11 and the championship will be awarded to the team whose players have the highest number of points.
  9. Final to be played on neutral green as decided by the Management Committee.
  10. Any matters not provided for in the above rules shall be dealt with by the League Management Committee, whose decision shall be final.