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Senior Interleague

The Salop Leisure Shropshire Premier Bowling League retained their Senior Inter League Crown after coming through an almighty scare in the Semi Finals, just like last year! They comfortably got through the group stages with 3 wins out of 3, before having to rely on captain Jamie King to steer them past Whitchurch in the Semi Finals, and then facing the Ludlow League in a repeat of last year’s Final.

The Premier League Blue team had no trouble in the groups on Bowring non premier green, first beating the Tanners Shropshire League team by 26 with 6 winners, Paul Reeves the best of them winning 11. They then faced Shropshire Ladies and had 7 winners, Dave Burton leading with a 21-11, and then beat the Mid Shropshire Friday team by 14 with 5 winners, Dave Lloyd the best with a 21-9. After taking the trip to St Georges top green, they faced the Whitchurch League full of Premier League players. Rob Fuller was first off beating Martin Lloyd 14, making full use of a 13-4 start, but they were 3 down off the first three cards. Dave Lloyd 21-9 win at number four in 13 ends meant they led by 9 and Mark Taylor’s 17 win but them 13 up. But Paul Reeves trailed 11-4 and 17-10, before coming back to get 15, while George Williams led 19-15 after trailing 11-6, but didn’t score again. This meant they led by 5 with Jamie King going on, having to score 17 to win the game. He led 9-6 in the corners before Adrian Smout fought back and led but at 15 across Jamie was just one end away from winning the game. However Adrian played two good ends in the corners and had two bowls two foot away next end. Jamie played up and managed to rest the nearest bowl to score one, then played a great lead down an edge next end and followed it up with a bowl a foot behind. Adrian fired but missed meaning they had gone through despite Adrian then running out.

In the final and it was the Ludlow league again, the same as last year. They played their two county players in the first four and they both won, but Rob Fuller came back from 17-12 down to get 19 off Wayne Rogers and Scott Harries from 15-9 down to get 15 off Kiah Roberts. The other two cards produced winners, Dave Lloyd recovering from 15-12 down to win 16 and player of the match Rob Roden winning 12 from 11-8 down on straight marks. So into the back four they led by 7. Into the back four and Mark Taylor played well over the middle and up to the crown and back to win 13, with Jamie King playing well corners to triumph 14 and seal the match. George Williams came back from 11-6 down to win 16 and Paul Reeves won 15 to cap off a second straight triumph for our league.

The other Premier League failed to get through their group by 23 shots after losing to the Wem League in the first game by 15, Ash Wellings the best of their 3 winners 11. In the second game against the Mid Shropshire Thursday side and they had 7 winners with Colin Beaman and Tony Rhodes the best winning 11. They knew they needed a big win last game against the Market Drayton Seniors team but two losers meant they only won by 34, Craig Wilson the best of the winners 7.

Full results are here.

Well done to the Blue team for winning the Senior Inter League today, especially Jamie King for doing an excellent job in place of regular captain Rob Burroughs. A big thank you to the three clubs who held the competition today, and those who helped feed and water all the players, officials and supporters, and who did the raffle. Thank you to Mike Potter for refereeing the Semi Final and Finals, and to St Georges for doing the buffet at the end of the day. Also thanks to Mike Beckett for doing the online system and entering the results throughout the day.