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Alan Mayhew Trophy 2015

Newport win Mayhew Thriller

Newport won a thriller of a Mayhew Final tonight as they edged out Burway by a single shot on a tricky and patchy green at Pontesbury. It was nip and tuck all the way through and was settled by the the very last game on the green.


Winning Captain Dale Rudrum (left) receives the trophy off donor Alan Mayhew.

First four and the games were all nip and tuck until the middle of their games before players had a run towards the end of their matches. Wayne Rogers had a good start against Sam Millward but Sam got down the edge to get back into his game before Wayne used a mark over the middle with the weight changes to win 13. Josh Partridge led Pete Grimston 14-11 before Pete found a straight mark which he ran out on. Kiah Roberts and Chris Grocott looked the best game of the night and it didn’t disappoint, with Kiah from 16-14 up Kiah played playing three good ends to get out. Scott Harries always had the edge over Ben Allen but Ben’s 5 chalks from 20-12 down manage to give Burway a lead of 4.

In the middle and Alan Davidson, fired up by a shout first end, produced the best card of the night playing really well using a long straight mark to win 6. But Duncan Pressley played some good stuff on longer marks as well to beat Phil Emery 10 to draw the match level. Mark Selley was also 18-10 up on Roy Crowther on a round peg before Roy got back to 17. Len Lewis and Dave Rhodes was the game of the night which ebbed and flow all night with Dave using the shorter marks to his advantage and Len the longer ones before Len managed to run out from 20-17 down with Dave being unlucky with a fire one end. This meant that Burway trailed by 3 shots going into the back four.

Kevin Dovey was 14-2 up on Russ Pegram, who had earlier beaten Greg Smith on West Brom, on 30m marks. Russ though got back into his game playing some good stuff over the middle to get back to 15, but this did give Burway a 3 shot lead. Jolyon Partridge was 20-8 up on Dale Rudrum on a round peg too but Chris Dovey trailed Pete Farmer 18-10 with Pete playing some good stuff over the middle. Dale managed to get two before Jolyon got out and this gave Burway a 14 shot lead. Chris Dovey then played some good stuff down the edge and got back to 18-13 before Pete hit a good fire and then won 14. So Burway were 7 up but Russ Davies was trailing Mick Jones 11-1 down an edge. Russ then hit two good fires to get back in and slowly worked his way back into the game to get back to 13-8, knowing he needed to get 15 to win the game for Burway. At 15-12 he looked to have the momentum before Mick got back in and went back to get back on his straight mark down the edge. Russ was unlucky to run into the back of Mick next end to leave Mick 18-12 up and both needing three to secure victory. Mick then got a single after leading a good wood 8 inches away and Russ being unlucky when flicking the block rather than hitting it full. Mick then led a foot bowl next end but Russ ran the block with his first and got one. Russ led one a yard short on a 25m mark over the crown and Mick played one a foot away. Russ was too high with his second but left it two foot away meaning Mick still had to play a good bowl to get game, which he managed to do to win the game for the holders by a single shot. This great win under such intense pressure earned Mick Jones the man of the match award, adjudicated by County President Mike Potter and League Treasurer and Organiser tonight Rob Burroughs, who he is pictured with below.


So Newport won the Alan Mayhew for the 2nd year in a row, but Burway must take a lot of credit for pushing them all the way and showing they are a team not to be taken lightly. They showed that they used that experience of last year’s county cup final loss to be able to compete with the League champions tonight but that experience from Newport of winning trophies just showed through when it needed to be. So congratulations to both teams tonight for putting on such an excellent spectacle which beat the 2012 final of St Georges v Chester Road scoreline of just 2 shots to be the closest Alan Mayhew final ever.


Gallant Runners-up Burway, back from left: Duncan Pressley (Captain), Kiah Roberts, Roy Crowther, Jolyon Partridge, Kev Dovey, Wayne Rogers.

Front from left: Len Lewis, Josh Partridge, Ben Allen, Adam Dovey, Russell Davies & Chris Dovey.


Winners Newport, back from left: Mick Jones, Pete Grimston, Scott Harries, Chris Grocott, Alan Davidson, Dave Rhodes.

Front from left: Dale Rudrum (Captain), Sam Millward, Phil Emery, Mark Selley

Thanks must go to Emlyn Jones for producing an excellent green for tonight’s final, Pontesbury Bowling Club for organising the event so well and to the Nags Head pub for providing excellent food afterwards. Also thanks to our Trophy Donor Alan Mayhew for being there and continuing to support the competition, John Coxill for refereeing and to Mike Potter and Rob Burroughs for measuring tonight, as well as Mike providing the PA system and taking the pictures.

Newport celebrate their success.

From left: Russ Pegram, Mark Selley, Mick Jones, Dave Rhodes, Scott Harries, Dale Rudrum, Chris Grocott, Phil Emery, Sam Millward, Alan Davidson, Pete Grimston & Pete Farmer.

Full scores:


Semi Finals

Burway have made their first Alan Mayhew Final tonight by beating Chester Road by 12 shots overall. They won by 24 at home but only lost by 12 away.

Champions Newport eased their way past League Leaders Meole Brace tonight to take their place in Saturday’s Alan Mayhew Final against Burway at Pontesbury Old green in front of the Nags Head, starting at 6.30 p.m. Newport won by 52 at home and only lost by 8 away to win by 44 overall. They took the first three at home to lead  by 28, Scott Harries winning 8, Alan Davidson winning 10 and Phil Emery 17. They also led by 11 away as Sam Millward won 11 and Dave Rhodes 19, with Pete Grimston getting 20. But when Gary Neal came off winning 2, the gap was nearly halved to give Meole home. But Chris Grocott was immaculate on this round peg to run out from 1-0 down and virtually give Newport the win. This was confirmed when Kevin Keary beat Doug Edwards 18 and Pete Farmer got 18 off Craig Wilson at Meole to mean an 8 shot loss for the champions there. Mick Jones then fought back from 13-7 to win 16 whilst Nige Bound won 20 for the visitors sole success away from home in a 52 shot loss for the league leaders.

So current holders Newport will take on Burway in a repeat of last year’s County Cup final which Newport won comfortably by 40 on Reman. But the experience will hold Burway in good stead and being a different green and night will be hopeful of reversing that scoreline.


Quarter Finals

Burway edged out Hanwood tonight in a thriller by three chalks. Burway restricted Hanwood to a 7 shot win at home with 3 winners each. Lewis Rogers beat county player Wayne Phillips 12 in a big card for Burway, whilst Russell Davies and Kiah Roberts both won too, the former running out from 19-15 down last one which proved vital in the end. Dave Burton, Phil Talbot and Russell Wellings won at home for Hanwood, Dave being the best 11. At Burway Hanwood did well to restrict them to a 10 shot win but wasn’t enough. Burway had 4 winners, Kevin Dovey was the best winning 9, Jolyon Partridge 14, Ben Allen 18 and Len Lewis 20, despite a fine comeback from opponent Phil Lyttle who was game on  at 20 across last on the green. Warwick and Worcester star Greg Smith won 14 and former Meole player Tony Hotchkiss won 15 for Hanwood, but it proved not to be enough.

Alan Mayhew Trophy holders Newport edged out St Georges tonight by 8 shots. Newport won by 11 at home despite having 5 winners, Mick Jones the difference winning 9 with Simon Rhodes winning 12 for the away side. At St Georges Newport held the Dragons to 3 shots with two winners, Pete Farmer 21-9 and Scott Harries 16. The best winner for the Dragons were Dave King and Andy James 15.

Meole Brace beat Castlefields by 23 shots last night in the Quarter Finals of the Alan Mayhew Trophy. Meole Brace won by 44 at home with 5 winners, Julian Cooke 6 and Glyn Wellings 8, whilst the winner for Castlefields was Phil Clinton 13. At Castlefields the home side only won by 21 despite 21-7 wins for Glyn Herbert and Paul Williams as Meole had two winners, Ade Rowe 13 and Mark Thomas 14. The full matchcards are below:

IMG_4548 IMG_4549

Chester Road are favourites to face Burway in the semi-finals after a 36 shot home win over the Bayley. Only Paul Reeves won for the Bayley, winning 10, but wins for Mark Burdon 7, Andy Smith 9, Gary Beff 10, Andy Moss 13 and Mark Holland 19 gave Chester Road a big lead to take to the Bayley. The Alan Mayhew Semi Final line up is now complete as the Bayley were unable to raise a team to complete their home leg against Chester Road.

1st round

Ifton have withdrawn from the Alan Mayhew, which means SJB have progressed through to the quarter finals.

Burway beat Wrockwardine Wood by 14 overall. Winning by 31 at home but losing by 17 away.

Hanwood beat Archibald Worthington by 46 overall. Winning by 25 at home and 21 away.

Chester Road beat Wem USC by 34 overall. Winning by 36 at home and losing by 2 away.

Newport beat Bylet by 65 overall. Winning by 56 at home and 9 away.

Meole Brace beat Bowring by 27 overall. Bowring had only one winner away with John Cooke beating Julian Cooke to 14 as Andy Wigginton led Meole to a 24 shot home win. At the Bowring the winners were shared equally with Will Tarrell’s 21-12 win for Meole being crucial in a 3 chalk win. Glyn Hayward and Andy Morgan won 21-16 for the hosts with Jack France winning on his home debut for Bowring 21-20.

In the Mayhew it went down to the wire as St Georges squeaked past Hadley USC by just 2 shots. After the first three it looked like a St Georges win after they lead by 20 at home with Nige Evans winning 7 and Glyn Picknell 14, whilst Andy James only lost 20 to Jamie Wyer. Jim Kellett also won 12 away to virtually cancel out Nick Mullinder’s 21-10 win on a quick green. Ade Smith won 18 to mean Hadley lead by 5 but trail by 15 overall. But Hadley roared back with Nick Wyer winning 12 away and John Price 15, from 16-6 up against Keith Anderson, and John Newey 17, from 20-12 up against Tony Rhodes, at home to lead by 4, but those chalks from the St Georges players were proved to be vital. But Alan Palin won 17 for St Georges to make it all level and then virtually at the same time Phil King came off winning 20 for Hadley at home to lead by one but then Ian Gaut’s 18 victory earned St Georges the win by 2 shots. They will face current holders Newport in the next round.

Castlefields advance to the next round of the Alan Mayhew as Hanmer are unable to field a side tonight, when the game needed to be played by tomorrow’s deadline, due to Flintshire league and football commitments.


Full Results:

First Round:

  • Meole Brace beat Bowring by 27 overall. Winning by 24 at home and 3 away.
  • Hanmer withdrew giving Castlefields a walkover.
  • St Georges beat Hadley USC by 2 overall Winning by 18 at home but losing by 16 away.
  • Newport beat Bylet by 65 overall. Winning by 56 at home and 9 away.
  • Chester Road beat Wem USC by 34 overall. Winning by 36 at home and losing by 2 away.
  • Ifton withdrew giving SJB a walkover.
  • Hanwood beat Archibald Worthington by 46 overall. Winning by 25 at home and 21 away.
  • Burway beat Wrockwardine Wood by 14 overall. Winning by 31 at home but losing by 17 away.

Quarter Finals:

  • Meole Brace beat Castlefields by 23. Winning by 44 at home and losing by 21 away.
  • Newport beat St Georges by 8 overall. Winning by 11 at home and losing by 3 away.
  • Chester Road given walkover by Sir John Bayley. They did win by 36 at home.
  • Burway beat Hanwood by 3 overall. Winning by 10 at home losing by 7 away.

Semi Finals

  • Newport beat Meole Brace by 44 overall. Won by 52 at home and lost by 8 away.
  • Burway beat Chester Road by 12 overall. Won by 24 at home and lost by 12 away.


  • Newport beat Burway by 1 chalk at Pontesbury old Nags Head green