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We can now confirm the following details for the 2017 Playoffs after Bridgewater and Ludlow Castle won the Market Drayton and Tanners Shropshire Leagues tonight. Hadley USC had already been confirmed of the Mid-Shropshire League title.

Monday 2nd October (7.15 start)

Hadley USC beat Ludlow Castle by 3 at Bridgewater big green

Hadley USC had first blood in the 1st round robin game of the Pre-Playoffs but only just! Ludlow Castle fought valiantly to come back from 26 down off the first four to draw level after 11. But Steve Homer was the hero for the Huskies, running out from 18-14 down to win them the game by 3.

The first four didn’t show any of the tension that was to come with Hadley dominating. Nick Wyer enjoyed a good start down edges or corners to lead 11-4, but opponent Ben James got back to get 15. Phil King went from 8-6 down to lead 14-8 and then 20-12 before winning 14. John Newey had a close game with Richard Lane before having a good run down an edge at the end to win 16. Dave Price was always up to win 13 on the shorter marks, and gave Hadley a lead of 26 overall.

But Ludlow came fighting back with Carl Bowen playing excellently to lead 20-7 over the middle, but Ash Gregory got in the corners and got back to 12, which in the end were vital points. Jamie Wyer and Jesse James was a vocal and energetic game, with Jamie licking two bowls within 4 inch at about 6 across and then made the most of it to lead 12-6 and maintained this gap to win 14. Adrian Smith played well over the middle to lead 10-8 but Dave Wilding got in and lengthened the mark over the other middle to run out in a flurry of twos. Mal Bowen was always up on Jim Fletcher and kept the gap to win 18. This meant Hadley led by 10.

Ludlow had the better of the early exchanged with Graham Pritchard playing very well to lead Ray Gregory 11-4 over the middle, but Ray battled very well and kept clawing back on a similar length over the other middle. Nick Mullinder had an excellent start on a straight mark to lead 6-0 but couldn’t get another run going with Lee Wilding virtually running out from about 14-12 up in the corners to put Ludlow just one behind. With the other three games in Ludlow’s favour, they went favourites. But Ray won 20 to give Hadley a little more breathing space, with John Potter 16-15 up and Steve Homer 16-12 down. But John’s opponent Mal Griffiths kept with him and was one down against a foot wood at 19-18 down before beating it and then placing two round the jack next end to get out 19 and draw the game level. Steve Homer was 18-15 down then against Graham Lane but played very well on a round peg just off the side of the crown to put his opponent under pressure and ran out to win the game for the Huskies.

So Hadley get the 2 points and now face Bridgewater on Thursday at Battlefield. Ludlow Castle will hope to bounce back against Bridgewater on Wednesday at Sir John Bayley with a 7.15 start.


Ludlow Castle Score HUSC Score
Ben James 15 Nick Wyer 21
Nicky Beard 14 Phil King 21
Richard Lane 16 John Newey 21
Simon Lane 13 Dave Price 21
Carl Bowen 21 Ashley Gregory 12
Jesse James 14 Jamie Wyer 21
Mal Bowen 21 James Fletcher 18
Dave Wilding 21 Adrian Smith 10
Graham Pritchard 20 Ray Gregory 21
Graham Lane 18 Steve Homer 21
Lee Wilding 21 Nick Mullinder 12
Mal Griffiths 21 John Potter 19
Games 5 Games 7
Aggregate 215 Aggregate 218

Wednesday 4th October

Bridgewater beat Ludlow Castle by 11 at Sir John Bayley bottom green

Bridgewater have set up a straight shootout with Hadley USC tonight after beating Ludlow Castle by 11 overall. It wasn’t all plain sailing though as they trailed by 10 after the first four, only Dave Gourlay winning 14 and were grateful for Stuart Bailey getting 16 from 19-9 down and Tim Stokes getting 13 from 9-1 down. In the middle though and two breaks over 15 saw them pull ahead with Stuart Hodges winning 4 in the corners and Tom Cooper going one better over the middle. It could have been worse for Ludlow but Dave Wilding won 19 from 10-1 down and Carl Bowen came back to win 17 to limit the damage but it was still 19 shots to Bridgewater. Going into the back and Ludlow tried their best to get back into it. But Mal Griffiths was the only one to pull away from their opponent, going 14-2 up and winning 7, and even with Graham Pritchard winning 20 from a few down early doors, they could only draw with Keith Bell 20-17 down and Lee Wilding 18-17 up. In the end it was a 11 shots win to Bridgwater which gives them the draw in the game with Hadley tonight on Battlefield, but realistically, it is a winner takes all shootout.

Commiserations to Ludlow Castle who showed over the two games that they are a good side and can compete with the best outside the league.

Bridgwater will play Hadley USC tonight at Battlefield starting at 7. Draw will be released on here at 10.30.


Bridgewater Score Ludlow Castle Score
Stewart Bailey 16 Richard Lane 21
Dave Gourlay 21 Simon Lane 14
Greg Fordham 17 Graham Lane 21
Tim Stokes 13 Ben James 21
Matt Blackhurst 17 Carl Bowen 21
Stuart Hodges 21 Mal Bowen 4
Tom Cooper 21 Jesse James 3
Julian Willis 19 Dave Wilding 21
Chris Pearce 20 Graham Pritchard 21
Steve Plant 21 Lee Wilding 18
Phil Elson 7 Mal Griffiths 21
Adrian Smout 21 Keith Bell 17
Games 5 Games 7
Aggregate 214 Aggregate 203

Thursday 5th October

Hadley USC beat Bridgewater by 34 at Battlefield

Hadley USC set up a playoff final with fellow United Services Club Wem after beating Bridgewater by 34 chalks at Battlefield. They didn’t have it all their own way though in the first four, with Stuart Bailey leading 19-8 over the middle and Greg Fordham 14-6 against Staffordshire county players Simon Homer and Jamie Wyer respectively. But Simon got into the corners and played very well to come back and win 20. Jamie scrambled 17 from 19-10 down and with John Newey winning 16 after being pegged back at 15 across, and Dave Price winning 18, although he was 12-6 up in the corners, it meant Hadley led by 5.

Into the middle and Matt Blackhurst raced 7-0 up in the corners before being pegged back by Nick Wyer and then won 12 up to the crown and back. Phil King won 16 after always being up, and then once Jim Fletcher ran out from 8-7 down on a round peg just off the middle of the crown it put Hadley in control despite Tom Cooper winning 15 after a fightback in the corners by Ash Gregory. This meant Hadley led by 25 and looked like they were virtually there. There were no mishaps for them in the back, and once Ray Gregory got one at 19-17 down it was all over. Nick Mullinder played well on the shorter marks to win 16, the same as John Potter who got home 15. Steve Homer was a few down after a good start but battled back to get 20.

So Hadley go on to face Wem in the final at Meole Brace tonight at 7. Commiserations to Bridgewater who showed they are more than capable in their two games and I’m sure they’ll be back next season for another go and a year wiser.

Bridgewater Score HUSC Score
Stuart Bailey 20 Simon Homer 21
Dave Gourlay 18 Dave Price 21
Greg Fordham 21 Jamie Wyer 17
Tim Stokes 16 John Newey 21
Matt Blackhurst 12 Nick Wyer 21
Stuart Hodges 16 Phil King 21
Tom Cooper 21 Ashley Gregory 15
Julian Willis 8 James Fletcher 21
Chris Pearce 21 Ray Gregory 19
Steve Plant 21 Steve Homer 20
Phil Elson 16 Nick Mullinder 21
Adrian Smout 15 John Potter 21
Games 4 Games 8
Aggregate 205 Aggregate 239


Friday 6th October

Hadley USC v Wem USC at Meole Brace no.2

The draw for the 2017 Playoff Final is below. Hadley USC take on Wem USC to see who earns the 14th place in the 2-2018 Salop Leisure Shropshire Premier Bowling League at Meole Brace no.2 green at 7 p.m.

Hadley USC v Wem USC

at Meole Brace no.2 green, 7 p.m.

Referee Mike Potter

  1. Simon Homer v Craig Ashley
  2. Jamie Wyer v Derek Wright
  3. John Newey v Mike Dulson
  4. Dave Price v Fred Bailey
  5. Nick Wyer v Chris Brettell
  6. Ash Gregory v George Williams
  7. Jim Fletcher v Mike Fielder
  8. Phil King v Colin Smith
  9. Ray Gregory v Connor Whitehall
  10. Nick Mullinder v Scott Thomas
  11. Steve Homer v Paul Gleave
  12. John Potter v Neil Boxall

Hadley USC Reserves: Adrian Smith, John Wynne

Wem USC Reserves: Gavin Tommy, Graham Dulson



Dress code applies for all matches.

There will be an entry fee of £1 for each game (players and officials excluded) which will include a programme. The teams will be in for the night before and the draw will be released on here.