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Pool A/B 2015

Premiership Competition (Pool A/B):
1st Rd – Wed 23rd Sep

Pool A Results:

Newport beat St Georges by 6 on Bowring premier green
Ifton walkover vs. Castlefields
Sir John Bayley & Meole Brace had byes.

Pool B Results:

Hadley USC beat Bylet by 31 on St Georges bottom green.
Wrockwardine Wood beat Bowring by 4 on Newport premier green
Wem USC walkover vs. Chester Road
Burway walkover vs. Archibald Worthington

Semi Finals – Wed 30th Sep

(All greens used are on the Premier ones)
Pool A:
Ifton beat Newport by 11 on Meole Brace
SJB beat Meole Brace by 32 on Chester Road
Pool B:
Hadley USC beat Wrockwardine Wood by 10 on Bowring
Burway beat Wem USC by 49 on Bylet

Fri 9th Oct (at Sir John Bayley 7.15 p.m.)

Pool A Final

SJB beat Ifton by 18 on the top green

Pool B Final

Burway beat Hadley USC by 3 on the bottom green.

Pool A Final

Sir John Bayley used home advantage well tonight as they beat Ifton by 18 chalks despite trailing by 3 after four games. Joint winner of the Most Consecutive Wins Nicky Jones won 11 and with Geraint Williams winning 14 it give Ifton the advantage, with Steve Burroughs and Norman Harvey winning 14 and 15 respectively, the former from 12-7 down, for the hosts. Into the back though and Bayley captain Tom Roden led the way with a 21-8 win over Carl Roberts and with Paul Evans adding a 21-10 win it sealed the win for the Bayley boys, despite Ifton’s Kieran Roberts winning 14.

Pool A Scores:

Ifton v Sir John Bayley

1 Geraint Williams 21-15 Spencer Clarke
2 Nicky Jones 21-11 Alex Jones
3 Dickie Jones 14-21 Norman Harvey
4 Darren Lacey 15-21 Steve Burroughs
5 Craig Griffiths 17-21 Paul Reeves
6 Kieran Roberts 21-14 Chris Ward
7 Richard Zolman 10-21 Paul Evans
8 Carl Roberts 8-21 Tom Roden
Ifton 127 145 Sir John Bayley

Winners Sir John Bayley


Back from left: Norman Harvey, Tom Roden (captain), Alex Jones & Paul Reeves.

Front from left: Paul Evans, Alex Jones, Chris Ward & Steve Burroughs.

Runners-up Ifton


Back from left: Kieran Roberts, Craig Griffiths, Richard Zolman & Nicky Jones.

Front from left: Dicky Jones (captain), , Darren Lacey & Geraint Williams.


Tom Roden of Sir John Bayley receives the new Pool A shield from County President Mike Potter.

Pool B Final

In the Pool B final on the bottom green Burway edged out Hadley USC by just three chalks. It was close throughout, with Hadley up by 2 after a shared first four. Kiah Roberts edged out Phil King 17 and Ben Allen beat Kris Lewis 14 to give Burway an early lead, but league averages winner Rob Burroughs won 18 and Dave Price won 11 to give Hadley the lead after four. John Potter then raced 13-0 up and Jim Fletcher was 12-5 up to give Hadley a great start but Burway then pulled it back and led by 10 after Russ Davies won 9. But John Potter came off winning 15 and Jim Fletcher 17 to make the match level with Nick Mullinder 13-10 up on Duncan Pressley. Nick then led 16-10 and led one 6 inch from the block full corner which Duncan then rested out to turn the game. Nick got back in at 16-13 down before a single and 2 for Dunc made it 17-16 to Nick. Nick got in next end after turning his peg before Dunc played a good’un first bowl to make it 18-17 to Nick. Dunc then got a 2 across the green and then another double back across to run out and keep Burway’s remarkable run in the Pool B going.

Burway v Hadley USC
1 Kiah Roberts 21-17 Phil King
2 Wayne Rogers 11-21 Dave Price
3 Ben Allen 21-14 Kris Lewis
4 Mark Rogers 18-21 Rob Burroughs
5 Josh Partridge 17-21 Jim Fletcher
6 Len Lewis 15-21 John Potter
7 Russ Davies 21-9 John Price
8 Duncan Pressley 21-18 Nick Mullinder
Burway 145 142 Hadley USC

Burway, winners tonight


Back from left: Roy Crowther, Duncan Pressley (captain), Kiah Roberts & Wayne Rogers.

Front from left: Len Lewis, Ben Allen, Josh Partridge & Mark Rogers.

Hadley USC, Runners up tonight


Back from left: Rob Burroughs, Ian Pessall, Kris Lewis & Phil King (captain).

Front from left: John Potter, Jim Fletcher, Dave Price & John Price.


Mike Potter, County President, presents the Pool B shield to Burway’s Duncan Pressley.


The two winners with their respective shields.