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Life Members

The Flowfit Shropshire Premier Bowling League offers Life Membership for those they feel that have put in a lot of time and effort into the league over the years.


Life Member 1 (2015): Mark Burroughs

Mark Burroughs represented the league from 1998 to 2014 and playing in it from 1994 to 2006 for Hadley USC and St Georges.  His best season was in 2001 winning 19 games from 25, although all he goes on about from playing in the league was his last season when he won 5 out of 5, including a 21-7 win over Andy Moss on the top green, the same year Mossy won the Autumn Waterloo. It still gets mentioned every season! Overall he won 160 out of 237 with a plus aggregate of 668, a win percentage of over two thirds! He was League Secretary and Treasurer from 1998 to 2014, as well as Minutes Secretary from 2004 to 2014. He was the driving force behind the league at this time, Premier League Supremo as described by Malcolm Fletcher. Without him we wouldn’t have had the foundations that was given to us new officers back in 2014, even without him playing he still gave 100% to the game before ultimately, his dogs won out. So it is my pleasure to give Mark Burroughs our first ever Life Membership, and to present this memento to show our gratitude for all he gave the league.


League President presents a glass clock to the first ever Shropshire Premier Bowling League Life Member Mark Burroughs.

Life Member 2 (2017): Simon Parsonage

The Salop Leisure Shropshire Premier Bowling League were very proud to be able to give Simon Parsonage Life Membership this year for his services to the league. Please find the speech our League President John Coxill wrote about Simon’s bowling life on and off the green.

Simon started his bowling career with his two brothers at Ludlow Castle B.C., joining his father Stuart who was a very successful bowler in his own right.

In 1994 when the Premier League was formed he started playing for Craven Arms B.C.

In 1997 he won the Shropshire County Merit Trophy at Bridgnorth beating Keith Pessall 21-19 in the final. A highlight of my year as President.That same year he made his County debut away at Wigan against Bill Hilton winning 21-14. He went on to represent Shropshire for many years and in 2009 he was part of the home team that won the Crosfield Cup beating Yorkshire and he was awarded the overall man of the match winning 21-4 against  Craig Newton.

In 2004 he moved to Castlefields B.C. where he was part of the many successes they had.

In 2010 he returned to South Shropshire to play for Burway B.C. To try and help them get in the Premier League which they did in 2013. Most recently he has channelled his energy into promoting Shropshire Junior bowls. 3 of his 4 children followed him into bowls, 2 of whom are currently junior county players.He is also a junior county selector.

Simon is a very successful business man with his own company FLOWFIT and the Premier League are very grateful for all the sponsorship and support he has given us over many years.

We as a league wish Simon and his family every success in the future.

The League have decided to make him a life member in recognition of his dedication, service and sponsorship to the Premier League. Thank you Simon.

Below is a picture of Simon receiving his certificate off our League President John Coxill.

Life Member 3 (2018): John Coxill

John Coxill has served this league for the last 25 years, being a key member in creating this league back in 1994. He was our first ever President when the league started, serving from 1994-96. He played for Cravern Arms from 1994, when he won 7 games, to 2004, his best year for them being 2000 when he won 14 games. He remained loyal to them, but they dropped out of the league in 2004 due to a lack of players. He moved to Ford the year after, having his best season in 2007 when he won 12 games, and again stayed loyal to them until they folded in the winter of 2012/13 due to a lack of players. The club went in 2014 because of development, a sad loss to the bowling world of Shropshire, so John moved to Bylet for one season in 2015, playing 11 games. Since then he has gone to Meole Brace and played in their tanners team since.

He won our doubles in 2004 with Peter Griffiths, in the first year of the competition.

He has been county president in 1990, 1997 and 2014. He became competitions secretary in 2008, and also our president in 2016 again for two years.

Life Member 4 (2019): Neville Edwards

Neville is one of the most respected men in bowls, having been County President in 1986. He was the person who Alan Mayhew turned to in order to pass his valued and respected opinion on, and also the person who Andy Stevens and Pete Roden asked to chair the initial meetings before becoming chairman of the league in 1994. His calmness was needed with all of the debates and opinions put forward from every side, as well as directing each meeting correctly. Outside of the meetings he attended 22 games in the first season, visiting all clubs, as he showed his support around the green too. He stepped down as Chairman but then became our President from 1997 to 2001. The Neville Edwards Trophy was donated by him, which is given to the League Averages winner, and I believe has presented this every year, not missing a single Presentation Evening.  He continues to show his support and attends games in the North of Shropshire, as well as keeping all of the press coverage and handbooks from each season, which has been invaluable in writing this book. He was BCGBA President in 1995, using a Premier League green in St Georges as the green for the Senior Merit, which proved to be a very successful day.

Life Member 5 (2019): Malcolm Fletcher

Malcolm has provided press coverage of the league from before it was born to the present day. He took over the bowls coverage from Dave Wilkes in 1990, and proceeded to give full coverage of the build up to the Premier League. He got interviews with several key men, including BCGBA officials like Ron Holt, to put their side of the story across. Also he attended meetings so he could understand the full story, and give the best coverage, so people were informed with what was happening. He also allowed people to put their letters and opinions in after they wrote to the Star, and helped form and give out the “Document for Change” The league appointed him as press officer in 1994, and gave great coverage, as long as the clubs informed him of the scores in time, through every season and in the close season. He continued to attend meetings and give coverage until 2011, when he left the Shropshire Star. However he returned as a freelance journalist in 2012, and continues to write about the bowls, although not so much about our league now apart from the close season. He still visits clubs and watches our games and our bigger events, showing his continued support.

Life Member 6 (2019): Ian Gaut

Ian was our first League Secretary in 1994, helping establish the league and remained strong with all the issues that happened with Castlefields. He was secretary for four years, and has recently become our auditor too, kindly donating his fee to the Severn Hospice. He has also attended league meetings over the years, helping to make sure that items aren’t over discussed and things are done correctly. He has played in the league for every season too. He started off at Donnington Wood, winning the League Merit in 1998, before moving to St Georges in 2001. He helped them win the league that season as well as the next, and then twice more in 2006 and 2007. He became joint captain of the club in 2010, leading them to three cup competition wins, as he enjoyed his best season in the league, winning 22 games which meant he finished second in the League Averages but did win the Most Consecutive Wins. He has been secretary of the club and has helped push them on and keep them together despite numerous players having left.

Life Member 7 (2019): Mike Hinton

Mike has been another valued supporter of our league from the very beginnings to now. He attended the early meetings as part of Hadley USC, and played in the league from there. In the first season of the league he helped set up a meeting between the league and Castlefields to try and heal the rift that had built up. He couldn’t stop Hadley from pulling out of the league in 1997 due to a lack of players. He moved to Wrockwardine Wood, where he played for 5 seasons, winning the Pool B in 2000, before moving over to Sir John Bayley. This was the season after he had become our first ever County President, a proud moment for him and the league. At the Bayley he helped them win their first trophy in the Alan Mayhew Trophy, and became our League President in 2002. He also was key in getting sponsorship from Furrows Telford, a partnership that lasted for 10 seasons, our longest ever sponsorship. A doubles competition was finally ran in 2003 using a trophy donated by him and is called the Mike Hinton Pairs and he has supported this every season since. He stopped playing Premier League bowls after this season, until he went to Ford for a season in 2011, and played a single game for them in 2012. He stepped down as our President in 2014, and now plays in the Senior Citizens for the Bayley, helping them win the league seven times on the spin.

Life Member 8 (2019): Jeff Hutchinson

Jeff was involved in the very early rumblings of a county league, attending the meeting in 1990 at Old Shrewsbury. He suggested another idea to hopefully persuade leagues and clubs to join, but this didn’t go much further. However when the idea was resurrected in 1993, he attended the meetings again and was the Mid-Shropshire representative to try and persuade the league to let their clubs join. They did this pretty quickly at their next committee meeting. He wrote to the county advising them of the league starting and what they were doing in order to create it. The league appointed him vice-chairman for the first season too, showing how important they valued his input. He still remains a supporter of the league, attending matches when he can, and played 12 games for Sir John Bayley, 11 of them coming in 1999.

Life Member 9 (2019): Alan Mayhew

Alan was the first person to push for a County league back in 1987, writing a letter to immediate past president Neville Edwards as he tried to drum up support. He managed to hold a meeting in 1990, but another idea was put forward and investigated instead. He was still part of setting up the league when it did finally happen in 1993, but his plea to include his club Castlefields was in vain. He did donate £250 to help start off the league which was very kindly received. He moved over to Hadley USC to play Premier League bowls in its first season, becoming their captain. He guided them to 4th place in the league, and stayed for the season after but his and the team’s form dipped, and he left. He had the honour of the new premiership competition being named after him to become the Alan Mayhew Trophy, a competition he still supports now. He then played at Castlefields from 2004-2008, playing a part in the treble winning season of 2008. He became our County Delegate for a few years, and our County President in 2010, only the second one in the league’s history.

Life Member 10 (2019): Pete Roden

Pete helped get the league off the ground and up and running after they both had the idea of a County league that had failed a few years earlier. He helped formed a “Document for Change” with Andy and Malcolm to be given out to clubs and leagues and this helped break down the barriers that some leagues had regarding change. He was given a donation from the league for all of the hard work and travelling he had done to spread the idea around the county. He became our first Competition Secretary in 2005 when the post was first created, for three seasons. He, like Andy and Ian, started at Donnington Wood in the league, but moved to Wrockwardine Wood for two seasons in 1996 and 1997. However he had two poor seasons there, so moved back to Donnington, where he remained till 2003, winning two Alan Mayhew Trophies with them. He also was best winner in the 2001 Pool B final to help them win that trophy. He moved to Bowring with his son Rob and helped try to get them in the league. But their path was blocked by St Georges’ second team, and he helped the club make the brave decision of replacing the ladies they had in their team with youth, and it paid off as they won the 2008 Mid Shropshire League They comfortably beat his former club Donnington Wood in the final, and played a part in the team every season until 2018, when he moved closer to home and played at Trench.

Life Member 11 (2019): Andy Stevens

Andy was one of the main men behind the league starting up along with Pete Roden. It was their idea at the end of the 1993 season which proved the catalyst for clubs to come together and a structure to be put in place allowing the league to start in the 1994 season. He was sponsorship officer for the league once it started, then becoming minutes secretary in 1998 till 2004. He helped get Donnington Wood to donate the league trophy, as he was one of the main members there. He played for them for 10 seasons, helping them win the Alan Mayhew Trophy in 2001 as he won 21-6 against Wayne Phillips of Castlefields on British Sugar to win the man of the match award. He also won for them in the final in 2003 as they beat Wrockwardine Wood on the Bowring, again being man of the match after beating Martin Willams 16. He moved to Wrockwardine Wood in 2004, playing on and off for 10 seasons for them. He has barely played since then, filling in when needed, but remarkably has qualified for the County Merit twice in that time, showing on his day he can still compete!

Life Member 12 (2019): Phil Talbot

Phil was Hanwood’s main representative in trying to get into the league, and battled hard with the Shrewsbury league officials to try and get their permission to get into the league. He became the first treasurer of the league in 1994, managing to run the league with some decent prize money but also building up a reserve for the league in case it was needed. He played for Hanwood in the four seasons they were in the league for from 1994-1997, but they lost players and had to withdraw in 1998. He stayed loyal to the village club though, playing in the Tanners Shropshire League and helping them win the league to be able to apply for the play-offs. He took part in all but one year of their play-off campaigns, his experience proving vital when they reached the league in 2015. He played one game for them in 2016, but now plays for the second team in the Shrewsbury League, being able to be called upon if the first team are short.

Life Member 13 (2019): John Nash

John Nash started his career at St Julians and then played at Monkmoor for a few years, before joining Castlefields after incessant pestering from Alan Mayhew! At the time they needed younger blood to replace the old guard. He became known as “Bangers” as a result of a shout from the greenside by a member by the name of Jack Matthews – “Bangers and Nash”! He has also played for Battlefield and Meole Brace. He played in our league for Castlefields, Ford, Sir John Bayley and Meole, winning 114 games out of over 300. He was our league chairman from 2003-14, and since then he has helped get sponsorship from Salop Leisure and became our County Delegate.