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Pool A&B 2016

Premiership Competition (Bowls Trader Pool A/B):

Pool A

There were comfortable victories for St Georges and Meole Brace over Castlefields and Hanwood and the two now meet at Hadley USC for a place in the final. St Georges beat rivals Castlefields by 31 on Chester Road with 6 winners, Glyn Picknell the best 21-7. For the Fields only Keith Walton and Rich Goddard responded with a 14 and 16 win respectively. It was even more comfortable at Sir John Bayley as only Greg Smith could win for Hanwood, winning 17, as Meole romped home. Colin Beaman won 7 and Mark Thomas 9 as they won by 40 chalks. Sir John Bayley and Chester Road got byes and will play at Meole Brace No.1 in the other Semi Final.

Pool B

Wrockwardine Wood won the closest game of the night as they beat Wem USC by 11 on Meole Brace. The Wrockites’ five winners were the key, led by Dale Downes 10, with Wem only getting 3, Scott Thomas the best 11. They will now meet Ifton after they beat Burway by 30. Stand in captain Kieron Roberts comments “we made a good start with a 5 and a 6 winner (by Leighton Roberts and Nicky Jones respectively) but they fought back with two 21-14 wins (by Kiah Roberts and Mark Rogers). Craig Griffiths played well to see out Wayne Rogers 13 and Brian Hayes found some brilliant second bowls to win his game. Simon Tyler edged out Duncan Pressley and I was 18-13 up and lost 18 to Jolyon Partridge.” The two teams will play each other on Meole Brace No.2 green. The other two ties saw the favourites win, Newport beating Bylet by 16 and Bowring defeating Hadley USC by 29. At Bowring, the winners were shared but Dave Rhodes and Alan Davidson’s 8 wins were the difference, with Bylet’s best coming from Mick Harries 11. It was more comfortable for Bowring at Newport as they had 5 winners led by former Huskie Jamie King 6, with Steve Homer the best for Hadley 14, as they now can concentrate on the Playoffs. Bowring will now play Newport on Sir John Bayley bottom green.

BowlsTrader Pool A 1st Round Results:

Meole Brace beat Hanwood by 40 on Sir John Bayley

St Georges beat Castlefields by 31 on Chester Road

BowlsTrader Pool B 1st Round Results:

Wrockwardine Wood beat Wem USC by 11 on Meole Brace

Ifton beat Burway by 25 on Castlefields

Newport beat Bylet by 16 on Bowring

Bowring beat Hadley USC by 29 on Newport

Semi Finals:

Pool A

Chester Road and Sir John Bayley couldn’t be separated on aggregate and winners so it was Gary Beff’s 21-9 card last on that got them through on the best score rule at Meole Brace. Best card for the Bayley was Norman Harvey 11 as they had gone 13 up with three winners out of the first four. St Georges had also done the same at Hadley USC against Meole Brace as Glyn Picknell led the way with his 11 card. But Meole took the whole of the back four and won by 21 overall with Pete Bound the best winner 10. Both teams will now meet in the final on Bowring Premier Green.

Pool B

Bowring earned the right to a home final as they edged out Newport by 3 chalks. It was 4 winners apiece at Sir John Bayley and despite the best card being Phil Emery of Newport winning 9 it was Rob Roden’s 12 and Josh Bradburn’s 13 win that got them home. Over at Meole Brace it was all square after four between Ifton and Wrockwardine Wood despite Nicky Jones’ 8 win in the first four for Ifton as three winners for the Wrockites led by Rob Fuller’s 15 win meant deadlock. But three winners out of the four at the back got the St Martins’ side home by 20. Bowring will play Ifton on Bowring non-premier green with Ifton having first cast of the jack in each game as well as a two chalk advantage.

Pool A Semi Finals:

Chester Road beat Sir John Bayley on best score on Meole Brace No.2

Meole Brace beat St Georges by 21 on Hadley USC

Pool B Semi Finals:

Bowring beat Newport by 3 on Sir John Bayley

Ifton beat Wrockwardine Wood by 20 on Meole Brace No.1


Pool A Final

Chester Road won their first Flowfit Shropshire Premier Bowling League Trophy since 2011 when they beat Meole Brace in a nip and tuck final. They led by 4 after four blocks off after Andy Moss had won 14 first four and once Chris Nicholson had won 15 they led by 10. But Adie Rowe and Dave Redge both won 15 themselves to put Meole 2 up with Gary Beff leading Mark Thomas 18-15. But Gary got in next end and then finished it off with a 2 down an edge to win the game for the Roaders and cap off a great season.

21 Andy Moss 1. Julian Cooke 14
18 Paul Williams 2. Colin Beaman 21
21 Martin Lloyd 3. Darren Wellings 16
16 Ian MacDonald 4. Craig Wilson 21
15 Paul Griffiths 5. Adie Rowe 21
15 Mark Holland 6. Dave Redge 21
21 Chris Nicholson 7. Andy Wigginton 15
21 Gary Beff 8. Mark Thomas 15
148 144

Pool B Final

Ifton won the Pool B for a fifth time to join Wrockwardine Wood as joint record winners. They received 2 on each card, and this is exactly what they won by in a 16 shot win. It was dead level after four blocks off, Brian Hayes winning 12, but once Simon Tyler had won 1 to continue his Esclusham heroics, it was game over despite wins for Rich Lawson and Dave Lloyd for the Bowring.

21 James Grimston 1. Nick Jones 18
21 Jamie King 2. Martin Jones 14
20 Josh Bradburn 3. Kieron Roberts 21
12 Rob Roden 4. Brian Hayes 21
18 John Cooke 5. Craig Griffiths 21
21 Rich Lawson 6. Adrian Humphreys 16
1 Stuart Clee 7. Simon Tyler 21
21 Dave Lloyd 8. Dickie Jones 19
135 151