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Presentation Evening Rota

The Presentation Evening rota is below, with Wrockwardine Wood hosting it this year, Castlefields in 2018, Chester Road in 2019 and so on until Bowring do in 2026. This is of course on the proviso every club hosts it, if they are unable to, then they will go to the b0ttom of the list and the next one in line will host it. Any new club that comes in with two greens will be added onto the end of the rota, and when a club hosts it then they will move to the end of the rota.

1. Wrockwardine Wood

2. Castlefields

3. Chester Road

4. Newport

5. Burway

6. Bylet

7. St Georges

8. Meole Brace

9. Sir John Bayley

10. Bowring