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Alan Mayhew Trophy 2018

Matchcards are here.

1st round

Burway beat Ludlow Castle by 52 overall

Burway beat Ludlow Castle by 52 overall as they made their Premier League status pay. They had 6 winners at home, with Ben Allen the best of them 8, to win by 48, while away they had 3 winners, with joint skipper Russ Davies their best 10 in a 4 chalk success. For the Castle it was their captain Simon Lane who was best winning 10.

We are having problems putting the score on so the scores are below:

At Burway

Burway v Ludlow Castle
Kev Dovey 21-13 Mal Bowen
Kiah Roberts 21-13 Nicky Beard
Adam Dovey 21-15 ?
Ben Allen 21-8 Carl Bowen
Wayne Rogers 21-11 Lee Wilding
Duncan Pressley 21-18 Dave Wilding
Burway 126 Ludlow Castle 78

At Ludlow Castle

Ludlow Castle v Burway
Richard Lane 13 v 21 Len Lewis
Jordan Bull 10 v 21 Russell Davies
Simon Lane 21 v 10 Mark Rogers
Graham Pritchard 13 v 21 Jolyon Partridge
Mal Griffiths 21 v 11 Jesse James
Graham Lane 21 v 19 Roy Crowther
Ludlow Castle 99 Burway 103

Hanwood beat Ifton by 10 overall

Hanwood started their defence successfully as they beat Ifton by 10 overall, but it wasn’t all plain sailing. Spokesman Ash Wellings admits it was a “bit of a scare in the end having had a good first three at home and away we had two bad losers away where they were ahead of us. At Hanwood, we had a couple of us struggling on the green with me 13-12 down and Ryan Bond beating Jon Mansell (only winner 17). But I ended up running out and with Dave Burton winning well at 4 (best winner 10) we had a good win by 34 considering the two bad cards away.” Ifton’s best winner was Leighton Roberts 4 at home, with Phil Lyttle’s 11 win being crucial to hold them to 24.

Wrockwardine Wood beat Bylet by 14 overall

Wrcokwardine Wood edged a close game with Bylet as they beat them by 14 overall. Stuart Rutter’s 1 win at the Bylet was key to that victory, to hold them to 1 there, as Rich Morris and Scott Harries’ 8 win home and away were in vain. 5 winners at home helped the Wrockites, led by Steve Roberts’ 10 win, to win by 15.

Castlefields beat St Georges by 39 overall

Castlefields beat St Georges comfortably by 39 overall. Stand in skipper Graham Rogers commented “well I did say it was a cup game and any thing can happen, as it was it was a comfortable win for us in the end with a 35 margin at home and a good solid win on St Georges by our experienced away team doing the business. We had three players missing due to other commitments but I must make a special mention to the players that came in from our strong Tanners team and played very well. I think the pace of our green caught them out as it was a lot quicker from when they visited a few weeks ago there was some cracking games on the night. The Luke Jones and Dave King game was best game of the night. All in all we are very happy to progress to the next round but we will be fully focused on our next league game against Meole Brace tomorrow night before we start preparing for the next round!” The Fields had all 6 winners at home, Callum their best 10, while at St Georges Keith Walton won 14 and for the Dragons it was Lewis Scott 11 who was best winner.

Newport beat Wem USC by 56 overall

Newport beat Wem USC comfortably by 56 overall. Dave Rhodes was their best winner at home 3, while for Wem it was Mike Dulson 17 who was their only winner, as Newport won by 39 there. On Leek Street it was Derek Wright who was their best winner 11, with Newport’s best being Pete Cookson and Mick Jones by the same scoreline, to win by 17 there.

SJB beat Bowring by 16 overall

Sir John Bayley finished strongly to win by 16 overall. Bowring had won by 13 at home as Dave Lloyd and Josh Bradburn both won 9, with Chris Ward best winner 10 for the Bayley. Bayley were leading by 15 at home with their last three on, Norman Harvey their best winner 10, but had the three winners to win by 29 there.

Hanmer beat Chester Road by 7 overall

Hanmer put behind their league woes as they beat Chester Road by 7 overall after a terrific fightback as described by captain Dave Ellison. “Wow what a great game of bowls with us 31 behind after the first 3 off both games. We stuck at it and prevailed by just 7 in the end.Special praise to Martin Elson, Rich Pullen Jack Hewitt and Jack Butler who were all well down in their games but fought back to get us an extra 20 chalks plus, which tipped the balance our way. Also Ieuan Pugh playing his first ever game on Hanmer and winning to 18 to bring it home.” Dave himself was best winner away 11, with Alan Purcell best winner 15 in a draw there. On Hanmer and Martin Lloyd was best winner for the away side 11, and Lee Peate best for the hosts 5.

Meole Brace walkover against Hadley USC

Full Results:

Burway beat Ludlow Castle by 52, winning by 48 at home and 4 away.

Hanwood beat Ifton by 10, winning by 34 at home and losing by 10 away.

Wrockwardine Wood beat Bylet by 14, winning by 15 at home and losing by 1 away.

Castlefields beat St Georges by 39, winning by 35 at home and 4 away.

Newport beat Wem USC by 56, winning by 39 at home and 17 away.

SJB beat Bowring by 16, winning by 29 at home and losing by 13 away.

Hanmer beat Chester Road by 7, winning by 7 at home and drawing away.

Meole Brace walkover against Hadley USC

Quarter Finals

Burway beat Hanwood by 38

Burway defeated Hanwood comfortably after winning by 57 at home with 6 winners. Joint captain Russ Davies was best winner 4 with him saying “we had to get off to a good start and we did. The Burway “Mid-Twenties” youth at the front, with me winning 4, Kiah Roberts 6 and Ben Allen just getting the better of Glyn Wellings to put us in a good position as the lads held their own with 21, 19 and 15, so it looked good after 3 games. Then with Wayne Rogers beating Wayne Phillips 6, it  set us up further, with Duncan Pressley well to win 14, Kevin Dovey winning 20 and the away lads Mark Rogers and Adam Dovey both winning after a bit down I believe. Very happy with the result overall, all of us where, and as always a pleasure to see the Hanwood guys.” The three winners for Burway away were all 20, with Adam Dovey, Mark Rogers and Jolyon Partridge being the three. Nick Davies was Hanwood’s best at home, winning 7.

Castlefields beat Wrockwardine Wood by 70

Castlefields comfortably beat Wrockwardine Wood after winning home and away. They won by 64 at home with four single figure winners, the best of them being Keith Wall and Mike Beer 4, while Martin Williams was only winner for the Wrockites 16. At Wrockwardine and the winners were shared, with Stuart Rutter best for the home side 14 and Luke Jones for the away side 10, as the Fields won by 6 there.

Sir John Bayley beat Newport by 1

Sir John Bayley got the better of Newport for the second time in a few days as they defeated them by 1 after Newport put up one heck of a comeback. Bayley had the first three winners at both venues, with Spencer Clarke the best at home 21-1 to lead by 26 there, while Scott Simpson was best away 11 to lead by 18 there. But Newport roared back, with Dale Rudrum winning 4 and Pete Cookson 8 at home to win by 16 there overall. Over at the Bayley, Mick Jones won 5 for Newport but Craig Baugh won 9 for the Bayley to give them a 22 shot lead. Paul Reeves was last on the green for Newport against Alex Jones, and led 20-14, with both teams needing one for victory. Fortunately for the Bayley it was Alex who scored a 2, before Paul got out next end.

Meole Brace beat Hanmer by 19

Meole Brace reached their third consecutive semi final as they beat Hanmer by 19.  A solid home performance was key, with skipper Andy Wigginton saying “a much needed victory after Friday’s debacle. Six good winners at home and fine performance away so now a tough game against the Bayley to go for a third straight final.” The 6 winners at home were all 15, 16 or 17, with Andy, Will Tarrell and Julian Cooke the three 15 winners. At Hanmer and Doug Edwards was the only winner for Meole, 16, with Jack Butler best winner for the home side 14.

Full Results:

Burway beat Hanwood by 38, winning by 57 at home and losing by 19 away.

Castlefields beat Wrockwardine Wood by 70, winning by 64 at home and by 6 away.

Sir John Bayley beat Newport by 1, winning by 17 at home and losing by 16 away.

Meole Brace beat Hanmer by 19, winning by 31 at home and losing by 12 away.

Semi Finals

Castlefields beat Burway by 14 overall 

Castlefields sealed their place in yet another Alan Mayhew Trophy Final as they beat Burway by 14 shots. It was a tale of two big home wins, but the Fields’ 44 shot home win was the bigger of the two after having 6 winners there, led by Mike Beer’s 9 win. In Ludlow and Callum Wraight’s 9 win for the visitors was crucial in keeping the deficit down to 30, despite Len Lewis’ best win of 5 for the home side.

Captain Alan Peach said “ we played a good team in Burway. We were 37 down away after the first 3 but recovered to lose by 30. We then had 6 winners at home winning by 44 in a good team performance. Maybe our strength through out the team told in the end.”

Meole Brace beat Sir John Bayley by 35

Meole Brace continued their love affair with the competition as they reached their 3rd final in as many years. 6 winners at home was key, Andy Wigginton the best of them 9. They also had 3 winners away on the Bayley, Bill Tarrell the best of them 12. Gordon Hawkins was the best for the home side 10 as they only won by just one chalk.

Skipper Andy Wigginton said “after a schoolboy error forgetting to ask for the green to be cut by myself, crash Middleton got it cut just in time for game to be the saviour. An incredible performance followed home and away with 6 winners at home and after 24 losers and no winners in two league games over the last 2 years, I was amazed to get 3 winners at the Bayley.Everybody was buzzing and up for it and just a perfect result to get through to our 3rd straight final to meet our great rivals.”

Full Results:

Castlefields beat Burway by 14, winning by 44 at home and losing by 30 away.

Meole Brace beat Sir John Bayley by 35, winning by 36 at home and losing by 1 away.


Castlefields won a record 7th Alan Mayhew Trophy Final as they beat Meole Brace by 47 chalks. They were always ahead in the game, and finished off with 8 winners out of the 12. It started well for Meole though, having a couple of games 5-2 and 3-0 but once the Fields found their feet they went through the gears. Mike Beer recovered and went 19-8 up on Dave Redge, before Dave managed to get to 12. Glyn Herbert beat Scott Moseley 15 after a burst at the end, while Keith Walton had a good game with Ade Jennings, which he took from behind to win 19. The game of the night was between former homester Keith Wall and Julian Cooke. Both players were exceptional, and it was Julian who took the game 19 to earn himself the first “Mark Burroughs” man of the match trophy. After four Castlefields were 17 up.

Into the middle and Luke Jones was always ahead of Nigel Bound, converting a 15-10 lead into a 12 victory. Callum Wraight was rarely troubled in his game with Martin Blizard, winning 8. Mark Thomas raced 16-8 up on Andy Judson in the corners, before Andy fought back to get back to 16. Steve Duckett was a few down at the start of his game with Doug Edwards, around 8-4, but on a round peg he played very well and only let Doug score four more. This meant that Castlefields were know 40 up and virtually there.

In the back four and Paul Williams led 14-3 in the corners, before Jon Lyttle got in and went about 30m to get back to about 14-10 down, but Paul got the block back and won 14. Rich Goddard went from about 7 across with Martin Middleton and stretched him out corners to win 11. The back two were winners for Meole Brace, Kieran Jones going from about 11 across to beat Barry Keep 14 down an edge, while Tim Jordan recovered from 7-2 down to go long and defeat Mark Taylor 18, after Mark had come back from 15-10 down. All this meant a 47 chalk victory for the Fields, and a record 7th Alan Mayhew Trophy success.

Full scores are below, pictures will be posted later.

Castlefields Score Score Meole Brace
Keith Wall 19 21 Julian Cooke
Michael Beer 21 12 Dave Redge
Keith Walton 21 19 Adrian Jennings
Glyn Herbert 21 15 Scott Moseley
Luke Jones 21 12 Nigel Bound
Callum Wraight 21 8 Martin Blizard
Andrew Judson 16 21 Mark Thomas
Steve Duckett 21 13 Doug Edwards
Paul Williams 21 14 Jon Lyttle
Rich Goddard 21 11 Martin Middleton
Barry Keep 14 21 Keiran Jones
Mark Taylor 18 21 Tim Jordan
Games 8 4 Games
Aggregate 235 188 Aggregate

Castlefields won their 7th Alan Mayhew Trophy on Saturday, becoming the record holders. Captain Alan Peach commented “it was a difficult green with lots of pace to it but once our lads settled down I felt we was worthy winners. Taking nothing away from meole our strength in depth told in the end. Thank you to all the players and supporters for a very enjoyable season.”


Runners-up Meole Brace.

Winners Castlefields.

Alan Mayhew presents his trophy to captains Alan Peach (left) and Graham Rogers (right).


Rob Burroughs present the first “Mark Burroughs” man of the match award to Julian Cooke for his 19 win over Keith Wall, the best game on the green in the whole match.